Art by Roberto Corona.

The Flock is a resistance faction consisting solely of sheep. Once peaceful creatures, they took arms after their green home was turned into the Chemical Plant Zone.


After the destruction of their homes, the Flock formed and operated underground. They fought against Doctor Robotnik's regime, with Sab and Sol Furic at the head of the team. However, Sol was convinced to leave the Flock and join Nutzan Bolt, setting into motion a chain of events that would eventually lead to him fighting his old friends.

On a mission in the Zone, Tails found himself trapped in Nutzan's office. He was rescued by Sab and taken to the Flock's hideout, where the leader informed the gang of Nutzan's plan to destroy the surrounding Zones with Mega Mack. The team "kitted up" and headed to the border to stop the construction robots, destroying a Spiny Badnik on the way. They then took a Floater Drone but narrowly avoided falling off after it inexplicably tilted in midair. Finally at the target site, the Flock engaged in battle with Nutzan's troops and eventually defeated them.

Some time later, Sol defected from Nutzan and planned to return to the Flock. Unfortunately, a bomb had been planted in their hideout and the team only just managed to escape down a secret tunnel. The majority of the Flock remained in hiding while Sol, Sab and Tails defeated Nutzan in his Ice Palace. They surfaced after the sewers became flooded with chemicals but congratulated Tails on his victory.

It is unknown whether or not the Flock remained together after Robotnik's defeat. Sab and Sol stayed in the Zone and became the Marxio Brothers' personal security when they bought the site. They were called into action when the New Robotnik Empire attempted to take over the Zone once more.


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