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Super Sonic is defeated

The Final Victory was a multi-character story in Issue 100 of Sonic the Comic. Bringing together elements of recent Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and Sonic's World stories, as well as a Doctor Robotnik story, the four-part adventure marked the end of RBR which had lasted since Issue 9.



Sonic has been trapped in the Special Zone for months and with Super Sonic about to return, Sonic orders Omni-Viewer to teleport the Black Asteroid to Mobius. The asteroid explodes and Sonic reveals that the electromagnetic pulse should affect all of Doctor Robotnik's computerised systems, before leaping into Omni in order to get home. In the Metropolis Zone, Super Sonic has broken free. Down on the surface, Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot have been cornered by Vermin the Cybernik when they all see the explosion in the sky. Suddenly, all the Badniks fall apart and Vermin is shut down. Then, Sonic appears, wanting to know where Super Sonic is. On the Floating Island, Robotnik's Biological Computer has failed and the Emerald Hill folk are allowed to escape. On Mobius, Super Sonic has finally caught up with the Freedom Fighters, crashing into them. Super then plays with his victims, pretending to surrender before unleashing a barrage of eye blasts. As Super prepares to kill Sonic, he unleashes a tiny blast, one Sonic can fend off. Super runs off and Omni explains the blast has affected Super badly. As Sonic leaps into Omni and heads to the Floating Island, the citizens of Mobius celebrate.

In the Knuckles story, Robotnik commands the ancient Guardian Robots to attack Knuckles, but the modern technology used to control them has died. Instead, Doctor Zachary attacks Knuckles. The doctor gets a good shot in and Knuckles is brought to ground. Knuckles waits till Zachary comes closer, but Sonic appears "in the nick of time" and fends Zachary off. As Sonic and Knuckles bicker, Zachary makes a break for it, but Knuckles punches the ground and creates a fissure that Zachary gets caught in. Led by Porker Lewis, the Emerald Hill Folk have captured Robotnik.

Back in the Metropolis Zone, Sonic is parading the deposed dictator through the crowded city. Elsewhere, a bewildered Super Sonic wanders around confused, apparently with no idea who he is. He is taken in by an old lady, Madge who offers him some soup. Suddenly, back at the parade, Grimer arrives on a massive steam engine (from the Museum of Mobian Machinery) to save Robotnik. A professor explains that it hasn't been affected by the EMP as it runs on steam. Robotnik is rescued by the machine's claws and, as the machine fights Sonic and co., Robotnik and Grimer escape. Sonic destroys the machine, much to the dismay of the professor, but the bad guys have escaped.

The Freedom Fighters search the streets, sure Robotnik will be heading back to Citadel Robotnik, but there is no sign of them. Tails finds Vermin, but it is little consolation. Sonic then deduces they got back to the Citadel through the sewers and runs to head them off. In the basement of Robotnik's base, Grimer is attempting to manually power the generators. Sonic bursts in and takes over from Grimer. Robotnik believes Sonic is unknowingly helping him, but Sonic is actually overloading the core. Robotnik and Grimer escape as the massive Citadel explodes and the victory has finally been won. Sonic announces V.R. Day to the crowd and the celebrations have begun. Miles away, Grimer admits defeat but Robotnik states that he wants revenge.


  • The line "Oi! Hedgehog! No!" is derived from a Harry Enfield character. It divides the fanbase, often regarded as one of the comic's worst lines.


The entire story was reprinted in Issue 217.