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The End of the World! is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 230 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Script: Mike Corker
Art: Chris G
Lettering: Michael Stewart


The citizens of Metropolis Zone are thrown into panic on market day when an imposing looking ship appears above them. It's not the Syndicate, as they fear however, but a new group: The League of Super-Evil Villains, headed by Grand Chief Whip. The people don't take them seriously, however, despite Whip's bragging about their plan to become richer and more powerful than Dr Robotnik by robbing the Metropolis Zone Central Bank (even though they're not sure who had the code to the safe). In Emerald Hill Zone, the Freedom Fighters have got wind that something's going on, and Sonic's all for rushing in, before Tekno tells him who's in the group. Knowing who's he up against, Sonic decides to take his time. Back in the bank, the League are struggling to break into the massive safe, Tyson Dense's machine not working, and the group bickering amongst themselves again. When Bob the Plax has a slight breakdown under threat of his people learning where he is, Windy Wallis tries taking matters into her own hands, freezing the door. When it doesn't fall apart with a tap like she planned, Dense plans to melt the door down with a red-hot oil gun. The Leaf stops him, knowing what will happen when the ice and oil mix, but Bob picks Dense's gun out of curiosity and inadvertedly fires it, causing a massive explosion. The safe is undamaged, and the League are bickering once again. Whip tries to retreat but is met by Sonic and the police. Soon the League have been arrested, and Whip's promise of the League returning is not taken seriously at all.


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