The Elephant in the Room is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in the 15th anniversary special of Sonic the Comic Online.



The Elephant in the Room is told through flashbacks, each moment clearly labelled with the relevant issue number. Issue 110: Sonic is on trial by combat in the Drakon Empire's Arena of Judgement, and is losing. After being blasted by the Metallix Mark 3's death ray, Sonic encounters his old friend Cedric the Elephant, watching from the sidelines. Cedric gives Sonic a few hints to help him fight the Metallix, and Sonic rushes back in, reflecting on how he'd be nothing without Cedric's advice. Flash back to Issue 80 and Cedric, Amy and Johnny are about to be turned into Badniks by Commander Brutus. Cedric is able to break out of his Badnik armour, but is unable to save Amy and Johnny, or warn Sonic in time. Flash back to Issue 71, and Sonic has worked out how to use the rotten egg the Brotherhood of Metallix stole in order to defeat the Brotherhood. Cedric leads Sonic and the Chaotix Crew to the kitchen, without being seen by his past self, and reassures Sonic that he's doing the right thing by ensuring that Doctor Kintobor turns into Doctor Robotnik.

Cedric is seen in more flashbacks, fighting Badniks with Sonic and Knuckles in Robotnik's Revenge, trying to attack the powered up Robotnik in Game Over, parachuting out of the Death Egg in Disaster!, hiding behind a rock at Never Lake in The Sonic Terminator and facing Super Sonic in Running Wild. Flash back to some time around Issue 76, and Cedric is having a heart to heart with a distraught Porker Lewis over coffee. He recognises that Porker has had a difficult experience, trapped on the Miracle Planet with the Brotherhood of Metallix for a month, and encourages him to look into moving to the Mushroom Hill Zone with the Emerald Hill Folk. Weeping, Porker admits that he felt like he'd been forgotten, and Cedric sympathises, being just another one of Sonic's sidekicks. He doesn't think anyone's noticed he exists, but has taken it all in stride, viewing what you do as being more important than how you're remembered. He reassures Porker that the team haven't forgotten Porker's heroic deeds, and neither has he, as elephants never forget.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Ultimatum. The next story was Whodunit?.

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