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The Debt Collectors is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story that ran in Issue 243 of Sonic the Comic Online.



The quiet of the Floating Island is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious alien who drops a small creature he calls Number 47 onto the ground. Knuckles appears to interrogate the intruder who addresses him as Vector. The alien identifies himself as Mr Spindle, a debt collector for Hundred and Spindle, and informs Knuckles that the island is being repossessed due to defaulting on debt repayments and he has five minutes to leave. Knuckles is enraged and tries to explain who he actually is but Spindle won't listen, and reveals that Number 47 has since mutated into a monstrous snake-like creature who eats everything the company are due to repossess, the contents of his stomach later being taken to a storage bay. After 47 has swallowed Knuckles, Sonic and Chaotix arrive and Vector works out what's going on. Chaotix reveal that they needed a lot of money for their research into getting the Special Zone back, so they mortgaged the Floating Island, intending to pay the debts quickly. Sonic immediately rushes in to attack 47, but none of his attacks work. Chaotix try to reason with Spindle but they are swiftly eaten by 47, and are confronted with a surly Knuckles in the monster's belly. Now worried about 47 eating the Chaos Emeralds along with the island, Sonic lures the monster into the Emerald Chamber, where there is a portal to the void that used to be the Special Zone. The back of 47's stomach has a door to Hundred and Spindle's storage bay and month' worths of collections have been sucked into the void. The only way Chaotix will give back the accumulated planets, moons and stars is if their debt is considered repaid. A short time later, a battered Chaotix have all the research material they need and are now ready to begin 'the experiments'...


  • The frozen penguin seen in the panel of Number 47's innards is potentially a reference to the videogame The New Zealand Story, where one boss fight was conducted inside a frozen whale.


The previous Sonic story was Out of Psyche, Out of Mind. The next was The Fandom Menace. In chronological terms it is set prior to the events of Vichama Is Coming Home.

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