The Curse of Silent Spire is a complete Amy Rose story featuring in the 2013 Hallowe'en Special of Sonic the Comic Online.



In the Silent Spire Zone, local resident Skye Sparrow is waiting for her date, Birtle, to show up when she is attacked by a red-eyed entity. Elsewhere in the zone, Hallowe'en is in full swing and a couple of trick-or-treaters are saved from being run over by Amy. She is suddenly distracted by a scream from the river and she rushes over to see Skye being abducted by a gargoyle . Before Amy can shoot it down, she is stopped by an old woman telling her Skye is afflicted by the curse of Silent Spire. The gargoyle is invincible, and when midnight strikes, whoever the gargoyle chooses as its bride will also become a gargoyle, becoming petrified in the process. Amy gets an idea and heads for the clock tower, finding a range of machinery and a robot gargoyle hooked up to a laptop: Robotnik's work. Suddenly another robot gargoyle attacks her, and just as she is being throttled, the old lady from before arrives with a book that can lift the curse. While she stumbles over the right word, they are all distracted by the gargoyle plugged into the laptop, who sends the first one flying, before breaking out of the robot shell to reveal Skye. The other gargoyle has been wrecked too, revealing Birtle, who was en route to their date before being attacked by Badniks. The old lady is still wondering how the robot gargoyles tie into the legend so well though, but Amy theorises that Robotnik may just have a love for theatrics.


The previous Amy Rose story was Monsters on the Miracle Planet! This is the current story.

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