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Art by Richard Elson

The Coming of Chaos! is a complete story appearing in Issue 175 of Sonic the Comic and marks the start of the Sonic Adventure story arc.



In a distant dimension, Doctor Robotnik is utterly depressed. Years of defeats by Sonic the Hedgehog and his Freedom Fighters has left him empty and he no longer wishes to fight. Grimer is even having trouble getting him to eat. Dismayed, Grimer decides he has to do something. In the Emerald Hill Zone, it's just another sleepy day for most of its residents, getting back to life after Mobius almost fell apart. In the Control Centre, Sonic is convinced that Robotnik is finally dead after the cave-in of his secret base. Porker Lewis is also here, informing Sonic that scans of the rockfall show no trace of Robotnik's body. Amy Rose also notes how mentally unstable the former dictator has become and that Mobius is in deadly danger. Sonic laughs them all off, wanting to celebrate a great victory. Unfortunately, celebrations need to be stalled as a dangerous creature has been spotted in the Metropolis Zone. The gang wonder if Robotnik is behind it, but the police certainly can't handle it. Therefore the team, minus Porker, head out to confront the beast.

Downtown, the creature known as Chaos is tearing up Route 99. The Graviton Cannon is having no effect on the threat, but Sonic is on the scene. Noting that his enemy doesn't look too tough, Sonic dives in, but is quickly torn apart by fear. With Sonic left quivering on the floor for an unknown reason, Johnny Lightfoot and Tails try instead but are also prevented from going too close. The four heroes are all terrified, a side-effect produced by Chaos to mess with their minds. With the creature rampaging through the street, Sonic launches a Spin Attack at the creature but finds himself stuck inside, slowly drowning. Panicking with fear, Sonic thrashes his way out and Chaos escapes down a drain. Sonic seems to be fine, but his friends are horrified to find he now has green eyes.


  • This story is the first to be written by Nigel Kitching after being sacked several issues ago. It marks a series of ten consecutive complete stories by the same team.
  • Most characters have had a change in appearance to fit in with Sonic Adventure. Sonic's spines now curl downwards while Amy's spines closely resemble hair like in the video game.
  • Chaos is not named in this story.
  • Sonic wonders why Porker isn't with them, despite them being in a 4-man flying craft.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Game Over. The next is What Price Victory?.