Art by Michael Corker and Chris Gould

The Battle for Drak (or The Battle for Drak!) is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story that appeared in Issue 275 of Sonic the Comic Online. It is the issue's sole strip, marking the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Comic and 10th anniversary of STC-O. At 32 pages long, it is the single-longest complete story and second-longest named Sonic story, beaten only by the 42-page The Return of Chaotix.



B&W art




Following Doctor Robotnik's defeat in Final Act, Tails is hosting a press conference outside Metropolis City Hall, flanked by Bodger and the remaining members of The Ultimax. Tails confirms that G.U.N. is still co-ordinating forces in order to destroy what's left of the Badnik army, but is interrupted by Sally Acorn and Joe Sushi of the Kane Broadcasting Company, who asks if Sonic the Hedgehog was present at the battle. Suddenly, Tails blurts out that Sonic was framed for the Mega Mack bombs; an overlooking Rouge the Bat listens in to the announcement, but knows there is worse to come...

Still in the Silver Glade Zone, Sonic has just defeated the Cyber-Shifter and, left with a Mobius Ring leading directly to Drak, he decides that it's time to take the fight to them. His leap through the portal sends him smashing into an explosion in the vicinity of House of War. Confused by the situation, Sonic is further perplexed when another Mobius Ring opens up and Amy Rose appears. She later explains that a group of Drakon rebels earlier stole a Mobius Ring, saved the lives of everyone on the Miracle Planet when it chained itself to Drak and began to fight back against the Drakon Empire. Amy is now leading the whole resistance, planning on dropping the House of Magic out of the sky, a far cry from their days in Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus.

Inside the House of Knowledge, Master Scholar and Sister Haggra continue plans to invade Mobius, with Haggra's Scarlet Sisters and Burgundy Brothers completing their final incantations over the course of the next two weeks.

Back on Mobius, Tails - joined by Theo, Holly, Silver the Hedgehog and the recently freed Shadow are tackling a Kumo-Kumo Ubernik, and various other Badniks. They now work without G.U.N.'s help, the soldiers unhappy that Tails supports the fugitive Sonic. Following the fight, Tails receives word from the Kintobor Computer back at Buddy's Bistro that there was an Egg-Cam secretly recording Sonic's fight with the Neo Metallix and the record of this is stored in the KBC archives. The heroes will have to head to the HQ themselves and find it.

On Drak, the final fight begins, with Amy finally realising that Sonic was framed for his alleged crimes. As a Master Sentinel is trapped within several Mobius Rings, the main two leaders of the Empire visit Emperor Brokken at the House of War. He insists that he is winning the war and doesn't need Scholar or Haggra's help - exactly what they were expecting. The next day, Amy confirms the plan to storm the House of Magic and Sonic storms the base - only to find nobody home.

At the Metropolis Zone KBC headquarters, the heroes have been joined by Shorty and Niya the Gorilla to find the secret footage, but are found by Kane. A verbal altercation betweens them, but is interrupted by Rouge, and then again by a violent rumbling. The Drakon plan has begun - Haggra's followers have created an enormous Mobius Ring that sucks Planet Drak, and the attached Miracle Planet, across space and right into the vicinity of Mobius. On Mobius, Rouge rallies the troops and produces her own Mobius Ring, ominously leading them to the Floating Island.

Up there, Knuckles the Echidna is joined by the Chaotix Crew as they try to prevent an oncoming Drakon swarm from progressing any further than the Temple of Chaos. The Guardian Robots are spooked by Tails' sudden arrival in the Emerald Chamber, but Porker Lewis, Tikal and Vector the Crocodile point the heroes towards a Zoom Tube leading to Knuckles. The fight intensifies with the appearance of another Master Sentinel, but is quickly defeated by Tekno the Canary, the Cybernix and a group of Niceniks.

The group is fully reunited when Sonic and Amy arrive and they discuss a super-weapon that the Drakons are pointing at the island. Knuckles has tried to fire the island's cannon, but the "Chaos Spire" runs on Chaos energy and absorbs all efforts. On Drak, Brokken is furious at this new development, his forces not knowing who to attack. Indeed, the heroes are winning on all fronts and pool their most scientific minds in order to prevent the firing of the Spire. It proves to be in vain as the weapon fires...

Kintobor confirms it is Chaos-based and Tekno worries that, if it draws all the Chaos energy out of the planet, there will be nothing left of Mobius. Sonic is optimistic, however - he and Kintobor reveal that Sonic gained his psychotic Super Sonic persona from the evil energy stored in the Chaos Emeralds. The energy being drawn from the planet is pure and won't affect Sonic in the same way. Not knowing quite what this will do, Sonic leaps into the beam and sounds as if he is terrible pain. Just as Tails is convinced he is dead, Sonic reappears - crackling with energy and glowing in several colours.

This "new" Sonic immediately leaps into a technicolour rampage, destroying all the Drakon transports. Shorty hypothesises on his new name but Amy realises this is still Sonic, just enhanced by the Chaos energy. On Drak, Haggra is furious that the Master Scholar betrayed her, realising that his plan was to defeat the Houses of War and Magic to take over the universe for himself. Their argument is interrupted by a fragment of Robotnik's online presence. Months ago, he hacked into the Drakon systems and installed a virus into the Drakon systems - waiting for them to be close to victory. Robotnik destroys all of the Spire technology and the three ruling leaders of the Drakon Empire are cornered by the resistance.

Loose ends are tied up as Hyper Sonic connects the Miracle Planet back to Mobius and tows Drak home. The next day, Kane is livid that he has no footage of the heroic battle until Tails walks in with a recording. He had blocked the signal and is willing to return it in exchange for proof of Sonic's innocence. Shortly afterwards, televisions everywhere are broadcasting both Sonic's efforts against the Drakons and his fight against the rogue Metallix. Finally, even citizens Arthur and Madge remember that Sonic is a true hero and life returns to normal.


  • A number of background characters are fan-characters provided by people who contributed to the STC25 Kickstarter fundraiser.
  • The artwork contains a brief, posthumous work from Matt Dittmer.
  • The Miracle Planet is introduced as being a Drakon property for the first time and returns home to Drak if ever unchained from Mobius.
  • Despite playing a large part in the Drakon Resistance, Blaze the Cat does not make an appearance in this story but is given a mention in a footnote.
  • An Ubernik is shown as being piloted for the first time, when are usually just containing an organic battery or another power source. This makes this instance more of a mech than a solo Badnik.
  • The Temple of Chaos is referenced for the first time since Issue 36's Power of the Chaos Emeralds, now known as the Emerald Altar. Sonic pretending to be dead to scare Tails is also from this story.


  • The House of Magic is incorrectly labelled the House of Magick by a resistance member.
  • "Allegiences" and "anymore" are spelled incorrectly.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Cyber-Shifter Strikes!. The next, in this same issue, is Exit: Sonic, which is also the final story in chronological order. The story that would follow in the next issue was Speedtrap.

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