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Art by Roberto Corona

Tess Tube is a dog that once worked for Nutzan Bolt.


Tube was first seen as part of Nutzan's forces in the Chemical Plant Zone. The psychopathic robot was embroiled in a fierce battle of control with The Flock, the Zone's former inhabitants, and Tube was one of the Mobians recruited to help him. She was often paired with Sol Furic, a former member of the Flock that had defected to Nutzan's side. They were called into action when Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails destroyed a facility in the Zone. Tess and Sol fired on the heroes, narrowly missing them from her position on a ladder. When the Freedom Fighters slipped into a transport pipe, Tube was unable to follow.

She later returned in command of the security droids responsible for destroying the barriers around the Zone that would allow Mega Mack to flood the Emerald Hill Zone. Under Nutzan's orders, Tess led the robots into battle against the interfering Flock whilst Nutzan personally dealt with Tails. She then fought head-to-head with Sab but the battle did not go well; by the time Tails returned, Tess had been detained in a dumpster designed to store toxic waste.


  • Tube's name is a pun on "test tube".


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