Tikal visits the Temple's ruins.

The Temple of Tikal, or Place of Voices, is an ancient Echidna structure on the Floating Island, built separate from Megopolis City. Like the City, the Temple is in a state of ruin in its present state.

Several millennia ago, after the Echidnas defeated Vichama, God of Death, they razed his temple and built a new one on its grounds, as a monument to both their dead, and presumably Tikal, who was trapped within the Chaos creature in their final battle against him. In the present day, Tikal, having had her memory wiped by Ebony, visited the ruins of the temple in search of answers. After experiencing visions of when the temple was built, she found herself surrounding by tormented spirits, awaiting the return of Vichama. She escaped the ghosts and quickly left after the temple returned to its normal state.

When Tikal returned to the area with Knuckles, they found that Vichama's temple had reappeared in place of the Echidna's temple. It is unknown if anything remains of the Temple of Tikal after the return of Vichama's temple and the God of Death's later defeat.


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