Bi-plane 34

Throughout Sonic the Comic, Tails has piloted his own bi-plane. It is painted red with a white stripe across each side, with the word 'Sonic' emblazoned on the tail. The plane has no weaponry and is only used for transport. Sonic often rides standing on the top wing. On occasion, the plane has been seen to have two seats, since Johnny Lightfoot piloted it with Amy Rose as passenger. Four people have once squashed into it, with Tails transporting Knuckles the Echidna, Porker Lewis and Amy from the falling Floating Island. Towards the end of Sonic the Comic, the plane was replaced by a purple design, similar to the Tornado 2 from Sonic Adventure. This plane has been continuously used by Tails in Sonic the Comic Online.


  • Tails pilots this same plane in many of the Sonic video games. In the games, the plane is called the Tornado. It has no name in STC. This could be because that the plane was not named in the American or European releases of any of the Sonic games until the Dreamcast era.
  • It has never been explained how Tails came by this plane. In both Sonic Adventure and the Sonic X anime, it has been stated that it is actually Sonic's (though not how Sonic acquired it). In the Archie Sonic comics, Tails built the plane himself.
  • Tails has had at least three, as they both appeared in Attack on the Death Egg. One of them was destroyed in Running Wild by Super Sonic and another was abandoned during a Badnik ambush in Shady Characters. One of his new planes was lost on the Death Carrier.
  • The plane was given its official name of the Tornado in the story "Sky Chase". It also returned to its classic colour scheme of red and white.



Art by Zak Simmonds-Hurn

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