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Art by Carl Flint and John M Burns

Sydney Bland is a newt from the Emerald Hill Zone. Described by one of the Emerald Hill folk as a "saddo", Bland was arrested after attempting to take over Mobius with a flying saucer. He described himself as being "greedy, selfish and deadly" and had been practising these characteristics.


Ignored by the majority of the Zone, Bland life improving after he inherited a "fortune" and decided to spend it on a flying saucer armed with laser cannons and a claw. Noting that Doctor Robotnik was no longer a threat, Bland was keen to take over the position of "world leader" and fired on his neighbours. Tails was eager to put a stop of Bland's plans by destroying the ship, but Bland escaped into space (mocking Top Gear at the same time). Enjoying his success with a cup of tea, Bland learned from the news that a shipment of gold Rings were being transported from the Eldorado Zone to Emerald Hill. Bland immediately surged back to Mobius and scooped up the Rings, but the added weight meant that he couldn't gain altitude. He soon came crashing down and revealed that the money failed to make him happy, so he wanted everyone else to be miserable, too.