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A legend and nightmare is born.

Super Sonic is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 7 of Sonic the Comic. It is notable for being the first collaboration between Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson, as well as the first appearance of fan-favourite, Super Sonic.


Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Richard Elson
Lettering: Elitta Fell


Following a distress call from Red, Sonic and Tails have returned to the Oil Ocean Zone. Red and his crew have been fighting a massive fire for three days but to no effect, and are considering abandoning the Zone. Sonic, keeping a cool head, performs a sonic vortex upon the fire, extinguishing it. Red elaborates that he and his men are trying to clean the Zone up, but can't because of the sheer number of traps, and need Sonic, who knows the Zone, to go to the control room and deactivate them. Before Sonic can move, he is attacked by an Aquis, who pursues Sonic across the Zone and into the polluted water. Sonic remains confident, but unfortunately is surrounded by oil, which is a huge bonus for the fire-spitting Aquis.... A second later, Tails and Red watch the blaze below them, mourning the apparent loss of Sonic.

Suddenly, Sonic bursts out, snarling, his eyes a swirling red vortex, and his spines bright yellow. Tails recognises this form as Super Sonic, having seen Sonic become Super once before, and recommends they keep their heads down. The demented Sonic chases the Aquis through the air, but the Badnik gives him the slip with a few quick manouevers. Just as the Aquis thinks it's safe, Super Sonic reappears, destroying it and freeing its organic battery. Super swings around, preparing to attack the freed rabbit, but Tails tries to block his path. Super Sonic keeps coming, planning to kill them all regardless, but Tails persists, and manages to calm him down, reverting Sonic to his normal state. Sonic puts the transformation down to all the rings he's collected over the years and thinks he tapped into that power reserve. Back to his senses, Sonic returns to deactivating the Zone's traps, and does it easily in five minutes.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Attack on the Death Egg. The next story was The Origin of Sonic.