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Super Sonic is a powered-up form of Sonic the Hedgehog, a psychotic demon-like entity who manifests


himself in Sonic's body under conditions of extreme stress or exposure to chaos energy. Sonic frequently had to battle to keep this alter-ego in check, because Super Sonic's immense destructive powers, hyperaggression, sadistic humour and lack of restraint frequently endangered innocent civilians and even Sonic's own friends. Indeed, Super Sonic seems to enjoy the prospect of killing Sonic's friends: in Point of No Return! he deliberately holds back to prolong the pleasure of killing them (meaning that he is far more powerful and more ruthless then he lets on).

Super Sonic was created when Sonic absorbed too much energy from the Chaos Emeralds.

Early appearances

Sonic first transformed into Super Sonic shortly after the events of the first Sonic video game, having successfully regained all six of the Chaos Emeralds. However, when brought together, the Chaos Emeralds become unstable, and radiate Chaos Energy, generating a spatial warp that sends them into the Special Zone. When they did so on this occasion, Sonic took the full force of the energy, and transformed into Super Sonic.

Some time later (but before the events of the series proper), Tails witnessed Sonic transform into Super Sonic when he absorbed too much Ring Energy from the Golden Rings of Mobius.

Super Sonic's first appearance in the series ocurred while Sonic and Tails

Super Sonic's first appearance in STC

were helping to clean up the Oil Ocean Zone. An Aquis Badnik attempted to burn Sonic alive, having lured him into an oil trap, but failed when Sonic transformed into Super Sonic. This was the first time that Sonic had transformed without absorbing Energy from external sources: Sonic later revealed that he had absorbed so much energy over the years that he could now tap into his latent Chaos powers whenever he became stressed or extremely angry. Super's uncontrollable nature meant these transformations were extremely risky: on this first occasion, Super Sonic attacked the small rabbit he had freed from the Aquis, as well as Tails and their friend Red, until Tails was able to remind Sonic who he was and calm him down enough that he reverted to his usual cool blue persona.

Another transformation occured when Sonic and Tails were in the Hill Top Zone answering a call for help. A badnik knocked Sonic and Tails off of the carriage they were riding in, trying to stop a volcano from erupting. Tails could not carry them both over the lava, but it was already too late, as Sonic had turned into Super Sonic from the stress. Super Sonic attacked and destroyed the badnik, then turned his attention to Tails. Both found a message from Dr Robotnik saying the volcano would erupt in three seconds, so Super Sonic fled with Tails hanging onto his leg. Super Sonic was about to attack Tails, but then Tails used reverse-psychology on him to curb his destructive powers and stop the volcano.

Super Sonic vs Brutus

As time went on, Super Sonic became both more powerful - able to fire energy beams from his eyes and wield explosive Chaos Energy - and more dangerous. In Count Down to Disaster, he tore apart a Metallix with ease, and with nothing else to do, violently attacked Knuckles the Echidna before Sonic returned to normal. In Project Brutus, Super Sonic forced Commander Brutus into a retreat, tearing off the robot's hand and wiping out a platoon of Troopers. He almost killed Amy Rose when Brutus tried to use her as a hostage, noticing too late that Super didn't care and wasn't stopping his attack.

During Sonic's campaign to free the remaining Emerald Hill Zone citizens, he turned Super and tore apart Doctor Robotnik's Egg Crawler. With nothing left to destroy, he immediately turned on a "citizen" that Sonic had overheard was secretly a Robotnik droid in disguise; for a brief, terrible moment, Tails believed Super Sonic had murdered a person.

Running Wild

Super Sonic in Part 3 of Running Wild

A turning point came when Sonic went to visit Porker Lewis on the Floating Island and accidentally fell into the pit where the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald were suspended. Super Sonic was even more deranged than ever (sporting jagged fangs) and, with no immediate threat to occupy him, decided to go destroy Amy Rose and the other Freedom Fighters, Amy being the last thing on his mind before he transformed. After a destructive battle in which he destroyed the Freedom Fighters' caravan and shrugged off their best efforts, the Freedom Fighters used the bi-plane as a decoy while they escaped; when Sonic returned to normal, he believed he'd killed his friends and so went underground.

The Freedom Fighters managed to track Super Sonic's energies, after he had transformed again during a bar brawl. To save Sonic from himself, his friends channelled the Chaos Energy out of him, through a Star Post into the Special Zone; but so great was the energy that Super Sonic was now given an independent existence in the Special Zone.

Super Sonic allied himself with a local crimelord called Lord Sidewinder in the Zone's New Tek City, but turned on him the instant Sidewinder brought Sonic to him; he smashed aside the criminal gang and was ready to murder Sonic to ensure they could never be re-combined. The crisis ended when the Omni-Viewer absorbed Super Sonic into his energy field and used his space-time manipulation powers to freeze time inside it, immobilizing both of them.

Eventually, however, it transpired that the Omni-Viewer had merely reduced time to a crawl and that Super would eventually emerge. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew sealed the Omni-Viewer in the Black Asteroid so that nobody could get to Super Sonic and that even if he escaped, he would be trapped.

Nevertheless, Super Sonic was able to escape by charging himself up so much that he made himself into a sort of electron bomb in order to destroy the Asteroid. This explosion produced an electro-magnetic pulse that spread all over planet Mobius, deactivating all of Robotnik's Badniks and computers, and contributing to the downfall of the doctor's dictatorial rule over the planet. Super Sonic was so drained of energy by this that he lost both his memory and his powers, and he was taken in by two old-age pensioners (Madge and Arthur) once back on Mobius' surface.

While the Freedom Fighters remained unable to find the amnesiac Super Sonic, the hedgehog himself applied for work at The Groovy Train, a coffee bar owned by the witch Ebony and her psychic friend Pyjamas. They attempted to help Super Sonic recover his memory before finding the truth behind his identity, while Sidewinder attempted to recapture Super. While fighting Biohazard, Super's memory returned but his new amiable personality remained; he immediately renounced the use of his powers for fear of becoming his former demonic self once more. He then resided with Ebony and Pyjamas from then on, living a peaceful life.

He had to use his powers over a year later to save the passengers on a collapsing monorail, which instantly caused him to return to his evil and angry self. Ebony quickly trapped him within his own fantasies of destroying Mobius before he could do any damage. Before Sonic could bring him in, Pyjamas was able to erase Super Sonic's recent memories, which included erasing all recollection of his recent return to evil.

Later, it turned out Super Sonic was dying as his supply of Chaos Energy was running out. Ebony helped him reach the site of the confrontation between Sonic, Robotnik, and the monstrous Chaos, hoping to recharge him. Super Sonic hurled himself into Chaos, absorbing all the Chaos Energy from the creature and reverting it back into its Drakon state. Unfortunately, the re-energized Super Sonic had reverted to his demonic state. In order to save the planet from him, Sonic and Ebony worked together to trick Super Sonic into getting close enough so that Sonic and Super Sonic could be reintegrated into a single being, meaning with Sonic either being mad or exposure to Chaos Energy Sonic would become him.

Sonic the Comic Online

Super Sonic in STC-O

Ebony remains convinced that the good Super Sonic still exists in Sonic's head, something the hero doubts. In one mission, Doctor Zachary tried to manipulate Super into emerging so he could take control of him; this failed, as Sonic returned to normal before Zachary could do so (Sonic remarked the villain had "bored Super Sonic into defeat").

Later, in a high moment of stress when fighting Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic transformed into Super - who proceeded to brutally beat Shadow nearly to death and further trash the Death Carrier. Since then, Super has not emerged, though he almost did when Sonic tried to contain a bomb's explosion.

Thanks to the Kane Broadcasting Company many believe Sonic can (and does) willingly turn into the demon.

It was later revealed that Ebony had captured the "essence" of Super Sonic when Sonic transformed into him on the submerged Floating Island. Sonic accidentally opened a bottle containing this essence and unleashed the beast within himself once more. The world was saved from a disaster by The Order of Magick who contained Super Sonic in a magic barrier. Super naturally turned back into Sonic after some time had elapsed.

In Issue 255 of Sonic the Comic Online, in the story Last Hero Standing, Super Sonic is seen 70 years later, now going by the name of Iblis. He appears to have ravaged the world and poses a significant threat to the last survivors of Mobius. How he came to be like this is unknown, though he appears to have not aged and become even more powerful in the time that has elapsed. He now has a large aura of flames surrounding him in a form reminiscent of a ghost, and he is last seen charging at the now 85 year old Knuckles, attacking the elderly echidna and various others, soldier and civilian alike.

After Death Trap saved Sonic from Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic was brought to Dexter Bagstille. The multi-millioniare explained his plain to control Super Sonic to end the war against Robotnik. While Sonic called him crazy for thinking he could control Super Sonic, Dexter explained he used data from Robotnik's Anti-Chaos Nullifier and Zachary's Chaos Siphon to create to a device called the Chaos Containment Collar, which could control Super and drain his power if necessary. He then ordered Prank to "Go to town" on Sonic, turning him into his demonic golden form once again.

Dexter watched as Super directed a direct attack on the Egg Bastion, while groups all over Mobius watched in horror at the demon's reappearance. At first, it seemed that Dexter's crazy "Project Solaris" plan was working. However, when the Omni Viewer appeared to teleport in the Chaotix, Super dashed inside him and absorbed the Chaos Energy that powered Omni's systems, possibly destroying him and trapping the Chaotix within. Super mocked Dexter Bagstille for thinking he could control him, and explained that he'd patiently waited inside Sonic's subconscious for the perfect opportunity to escape and absorb the Omni-Viewer's power. Using Chaos Control, he teleported away. A panicked Dexter told Commander Steele that "Codename: Iblis" was unleashed.

"Exit: Sonic"

In "Exit: Sonic", Robotnik tried to team up with Super Sonic to kill Sonic, only for Super Sonic to betray Robotnik. However, he's killed by Porker Lewis, who siphoned the Chaos Energy from both Robotnik and Sonic.

Powers and abilities

Super Sonic possesses all of Sonic's powers but amped up by a tremendous amount. He is many times stronger and faster than his blue counterpart, and is all-but invincible; It takes enormous kinetic damage, accompanied by extreme exhaustion, in order to defeat him. For unknown reasons, Super - who has easily defeated opponents Sonic struggled in vain against - is depicted as being only slightly stronger than Sonic (though this is most likely due to him deliberately holding back his full power in order to have a challenge). He is able to fly on his own power, and is able to extend this to his spin attack, allowing him to keep the attack in midair perpetually. Following Running Wild, he is capable of firing explosive beams of energy from his eyes. He also can project Chaos energy into concentrated, highly destructive golden blasts, able to charge and fire energy projectiles of any shape or size. He can charge up giant explosions, and transformed the Black Asteroid into a colossal bomb. At one point, in his second battle against Knuckles, he used a green energy attack to drain the echidna of his energy. Once separated from Sonic, avoiding excessive use of his power allows him to maintain an unlimited supply of energy.

If his newest incarnation as Iblis is anything to go by, Super possesses the ability to incinerate groups of foes at once, and will eventually turn the world into a blasted wasteland. He does not appear to have aged in seventy years, so it is possible he is also immortal.

When forcibly transformed by Dexter Bagstille, he showed a trait that would prove invaluable: Patience. He knew that the Chaotix had been tracking Sonic in case Super appeared again, giving him the perfect opportunity to absorb the Omni-Viewer's power. He demonstrated the power to perform Chaos Control to teleport in the same fashion as the Omni-Viewer and Shadow the Hedgehog.


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