The cup and Coach Brikka

Super Bowel XXIV is the twenty-fourth edition of the Super Bowel, a competition between the two best teams in the Mutant League. The match was contested by the Midway Monsters and the Slaycity Slayers, but was interrupted by participants from several other teams. No eventual winner was found but a play-off match between the same two teams saw the Monsters (with new signing The Razor Kid) beat the Slayers (and their Stunticombinaconaformabots) by default. The prize for said play-off was a golden trophy, the head of Coach Brikka and Brenda Brikka's hand in marriage.

Super Bowel was sponsored by Diet Smeg until scandal erupted - the drink was said to contain nutrients. Instead, the league was to be sponsored by Pukazade Hypertoxic Sports Drink - "so chocolatey, it'll turn your teeth brown".

The Super Bowel, along with the rest of the MFL matches, were commentated by Chuck Tempest and Bob Chong, who also picked up interviews with players during the match.


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