Art by Anthony Williams and Brian Williamson

The stunticombinaconaformabot is a massive robot consisting of several smaller battle suits. Created by Doctor Wizz with his cerebro-synaptic shunt psychodrain technology, it was originally a series of robots to be used by Zalgor Prigg to rule the world.


Wizz was hired by Prigg to create a number of robots that could stop the Midway Monsters from dominating the Mutant League. To carry this out, Prigg ordered K.T. Slayer to steal the head of Coach Brikka so that his tactics could be uploaded to the robots. Construction of further models continued whilst Slayer carried out his mission. However, when Slayer was double-crossed by Prigg, the Slaycity Slayers coach forced Wizz to give the battledroids to him. With some modifications, the metal suits were able to be worn by the Slayers and could connect to each other to create the enormous Stunticombinaconaformabot. Piloted by Slayer, this monstrosity was used in the play-off match with the Monsters and utilised a powerful arm cannon to take Grim out of the match. The Razor Kid showed a dangerous amount of genre savvy, realising the "writers" would want him to block the exhaust pipe with a football. Doing so, the robot largely exploded, allowing Bones Jackson to finish the robot off by punching Slayer in the face. The machine quickly toppled over afterwards.


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