Stephen Squealbird is one of Doctor Robotnik's alter-egos, this time masquerading as a

Sonic greets Squealbird with his trademark modesty. Art by Mike Hadley.

film director. "Squealbird" begins to film a movie based on Sonic the Hedgehog's exploits and is about to hold auditions for a Sonic actor until the real hedgehog turns up. Getting Sonic, Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot into position on set, Squealbird covers his actors in Mega-Glue before revealing himself to be Robotnik. Tails seems to have already found out, as Squealbird's "film crew" is actually just a squadron of Trooper Badniks.


  • Squealbird is the third of three Robotnik disguises in the holiday specials, preceded by Doctor Sun and Rhino Neil.
  • The director is an obvious parody of real-life director Steven Spielberg.


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