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Star Struck is a 2-part Amy Rose story, co-starring Tekno the Canary, which began in Issue 109 of Sonic the Comic. The adventure features the debut of minor character Fabian Vane and loosely connects to the previous story, Spot of Bother.



Amy and Tekno have been given tickets to go and see global superstar Fabian Vane in concert - an unwelcome reward for saving Norris Wimple from a Badnik attack. The crowd are going wild for Vane's terrible lyrics, but the heroes aren't so sure. Wimple is ecstatic to be there, going as far as to throw his T-shirt onstage, yet quickly regretting it. Soon after, an angry hog barges his way through the audience and onstage, wanting "payback". Amy and Tekno arrive in time to tackle the brute and save Vane. The crowd are pleased, meaning the show can go on, but Vane's manager arrives onstage to announce the end of the concert - Vane's creative flow has been disturbed. Amy and Tekno are invited backstage (while Wimple is sent home with his dirty washing) to face a proposition from Vane: become his bodyguards! The request isn't exciting, but Vane reveals he has more "fans" that are looking to get a piece of him, so the girls reluctantly except. Leaving the building, Vane is mobbed by more 'fans'. Amy and Tekno drag Vane into his new hovercar and flee the scene, dubious about the mob's intentions.

Another time, Vane is on a TV show, performing a live phone-in with Chloe. His first call is from another fan, threatening to "pull his head off." Tekno traces the call as Vane gets ready to sing, eventually tracking down the hog from yesterday's concert. Named as "Bruiser Magoon", the thug charges towards the heroes as they step aside, leaving him to crash through some railings. Now stuck, he reveals that he was once Fabian's bodyguard, before the heroes got the job. As Vane performs, the chasing mob from earlier burst into the studio and corner him. He tries to escape, but Amy and Tekno trip him up, having learnt of Vane's wrongdoings. The others are only after him because he owes them so much money; cosmetic surgeons, wigmakers, shoebuilders and songwriters demand money from him, leaving him penniless. Worse still, Vane is no longer in demand from the fans as newcomer Peter Android is the latest in-thing. Vane is left to take up his new job as DJ for a children's disco - what a come-down!


  • Fabian Vane has become something of an anti-fan favourite. In his several appearances, he is often the comic foil in Amy & Tekno's adventures, almost always coming out badly. This was his first strip.
  • Someone that looks a lot like Tails is watching Vane's concert, although he is wearing a jacket.


This story was reprinted in Issue 190 and Issue 191.


The previous Amy Rose story was Spot of Bother. The next is Amy's Secret Past, although the Amy & Tekno series begins straight after this story with Spaced Out.