Sonic charging up a Star Post

Star Posts made their debut in Sonic the Comic Issue 4. They are signpost-shaped devices scattered all across Mobius. They are easily recognised by their star symbols and were originally created by Dr. Kintobor as a means of easy transport between zones. They could also be used to access the Special Zone. However, Star Posts required a great deal of kinetic energy to activate, and the only being capable of moving fast enough to generate enough energy was Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic would often use the Star Posts to get around whilst trying to aid Kintobor with his R.O.C.C. experiments.

When Kintobor became Robotnik, he apparently forgot that he had created the Star Posts and thus began researching their properties. After gaining access to the Special Zone, Robotnik began setting up a base there and set about the task of dismantling all the Star Posts on Mobius, prohibiting civilian traffic to the Special Zone. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters managed to salvage one Star Post and had relocated others, so they still had a means of accessing trouble spots quickly. Eventually, all the Star Posts were destroyed, but by this point other means of inter-dimensional travel had been discovered.

Captain Plunder somehow found a Star Post and attached it to his ship, allowing for interdimensional travel to the Special Zone. He somehow managed this without having to use massive kinetic energy to charge it.

Sonic the Comic Online

It was later discovered that not all Star Posts had been destroyed. Doctor Robotnik had managed to salvage several and placed them in one of his factories. This allowed for easy transport to many locations for his Badnik army. Another was placed in the Wing Fortress, giving Robotnik the opportunity to ambush Sonic with many attackers. Unfortunately for him, the Star Post proved to be his downfall. Sonic re-activated the Post, giving it enough energy to suck the entire Wing Fortress through it. It reappeared in Robotnik's factory, destroying it and all the Star Posts inside.


Star Posts originally appeared in the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and were among several game mechanics that were incorporated into the comic only to be phased out over time.

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