Art by Mike Corker

The Staff of Power is Set's primary weapon of choice. It is a golden rod adorned with a bird-like head on one end. The staff has the power to fire powerful energy blasts at targets.


Set, Hathor, Thoth were three aliens that were banished from their planet for an unknown reason. They decided to escape to Planet Earth and began to force the people of Ancient Egypt to build them enormous monuments in the form of pyramids. Set wished to rule over his subjects through force, often using the Staff of Power to show his superiority. It was called into action when Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose arrived on the planet, with Sonic doubting Set's existence. Set fired the staff at the hedgehogs, showing his power. However, this brash display unnerved Hathor, who wished to command respect through love, and Thoth, who wanted to rule through wisdom. Set's authority crumbled further when Sonic stole the Staff of Power, exposing the alien as a false deity. As Sonic turned to leave, Set retrieved the staff and blasted his fellow aliens (possibly killing them). He then followed Sonic and Amy through the Ring of Eternity and zapped Sonic with his rod. Tekno the Canary was able to reverse the polarity of the Ring and sent Set flying into the void, despite Set's best efforts to hold on to the Emerald Hill Zone ground with the staff.

Much later, Set returned to rule the "backwards rock" of Solstice and was instrumental in capturing Tekno and Shorty the Squirrel. Set still owned the Staff of Power and used it knock the pair unconscious when they attempted to escape. Afterwards, it was instrumental in the battle between Tekno and Set, with the canary forced to avoid several laser blasts. Set changed tactics, using it as a blunt weapon to hit Tekno in the face. When he returned to shooting at her, he missed again, this time breaking away some of the ceiling in the process. The falling debris left Set stuck, allowing Tekno to grab the Staff of Power and seemingly bludgeon Set with it. He would eventually return, but had discarded the staff in favour of Shorty's Cybernik suit.


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