SG Cover

Cover art by Jan Swidan and Pete Murphy.

The St. George's Day Special is a special issue of Sonic the Comic Online. It was released on April 23 2014, St. George's Day itself. St. George's Day is a holiday celebrated in England to honour St. George, the patron saint of England.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Dragonslayers! is a complete story by Charles Ellis with art by Jan Swidan and Pete Murphy. In it, Sonic and Robotnik end up travelling through a New Zone portal to the Holy Land in the 4th Century. Sonic meets a young hero by the name of George and teams with him to save the day!


Flashback Zone

A new feature written by L. T. Fletcher with art supplied by Michael Corker. The feature is hosted by Omni-Viewer and is designed to help new readers get to know stories from the classic days of Sonic the Comic. This installment covers The Monster Wakes from issues 94 and 95.


The previous issue was issue 263. The next issue is issue 264. The previous special issue was the Space Channel 5 Special.

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