Spooks and Mirrors (labelled Spooks & Mirrors on the strip) is a complete Tails story in Issue 256 of Sonic the Comic Online. Unusual for a Tails strip, the Hallowe'en adventure is the lead strip in the issue.



In the dead of night, Tails has been called to the Everplain Acres Zone, a Zone on the edge of a safe zone. The mayor, Charles, reveals that the entire town - except for his granny - are terrified of the ghosts and monsters that come out at night. Tails is skeptical, sure that most supernatural problems are just tricks, but agrees to investigate. He asks the mayor to come along, with his grandmother forcing him to do his grandfather proud. After some hiking, Charles reveals that, after a fire in the Crystal Mines, his grandfather managed to rescue all the workers but never came back out himself. His story is cut short by spooky wails ringing from within the mines. However, inside the mine, Tails discovers the noise to just be from a loudspeaker. He is made to eat his words when he spots old Badniks with glowing eyes moving towards them. After a minor struggle, Tails notices a satellite device and cuts the power, deactivating the threats.

The pair walk further into the mine, but Tails loses his footing and falls to a lower chamber. Things get desperate when a giant spider appears and sticks his tails together with web. He is only able to escape the hole when the mayor returns and boldly pulls Tails out. The formerly timid man then rips the web off his tails and tells Tails of a plan to trap the spider. Grabbing one side of a rope, Tails weaves in and out of the spider's attacks until the beast is firmly trapped in the cable. Once the spider is impaled on a gem, Tails thanks the mayor for his help. Charles is confused, as he was hiding under a rock the whole time. Spooked out, Tails wishes a Hallowe'en could go by without something creepy happening...


  • This strip is the first to be drawn by Arquio and the first to be written by Stewart in a regular issue of STC-O.
  • The story was originally positioned fourth in Issue 256, but was moved to the front after a reshuffle.


A selection of Badniks were being "possessed" by a strange machine. These included:


The previous Tails story was Tails & The Ultimax. The next story was Seriously Delirious.

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