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Splitzoid i

Splitzoid displays its remarkable ability. Art by Richard Elson.

s a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog, featuring in Issue 170. It is the last strip before the Game Over story arc.



In one of the New Zones, a terrified scientist has realised his mistake by allowing Doctor Robotnik and Grimer to use his Zone's technology, witnessing the birth of Splitzoid, the latest tool to attempt to destroy Sonic. In the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic and Amy Rose have been alerted to the Ring of Eternity by Tekno the Canary. Something on the other side is ready to invade Mobius, just what they feared when the New Zones were linked to the rest of the world. Sonic leaps into the Ring to stop this menace, but is blasted by the advancing Splitzoid who appears through the portal. The hedgehog isn't ready to let this latest threat beat him, so he launches a Spin Attack. Looking back at his handywork, but sees that there are now two of them! After some return fire, Amy shoots an arrow at Splitzoid One, but a new one appears! It seems that Splitzoid is programmed to replicate itself when attacked.

Wanting to get the robots from Emerald Hill, Sonic somehow takes them on a mazy run to the Ice Cap Zone. One shoots at Sonic, missing, and causes an avalanche to swallow the bots up. Amy and Tekno arrive on a hover scooter to help, but Sonic's finished them off. Or, at least, he thought he had. Six Splitzoids appear from underneath the snow; the impact has caused each one to duplicate! The fight is a lot tougher now, but Amy notices they've got a lot slower. Tekno suggests the cold has made them sluggish, but Splitzoid One is still just as tough. Sonic comes up with a plan and gets One to follow him into the caverns. Inside, Splitzoid unwittingly speeds into an ice trap. Splitzoid Seven is created, but it's too late. Outside, the rest of the robots come to a halt and Sonic has saved the day again, with enough time for a "cool" pun.


  • Somehow, the action moved to the Ice Cap Zone, which is on the Floating Island. Although probably a glaring oversight on Stringer's part, it was spelled Icecap Zone, which could be a completely different Zone on Mobius. Probably not, though.
  • The Ice Cap ice traps reference the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 3, where standing under one too long would freeze the character, ultimately losing them their Rings.


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