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Splash-Down is a Sonic the Hedgehog story which featured in Issue 178 of Sonic the Comic as the fourth part of the Sonic Adventure adaptation.

The Freedom Fighters narrowly escape.



On the Floating Island, Knuckles is confronting Chaos who has come for the Chaos Emeralds, which he claims are his by right. Not far away, Tails and Amy are approaching the island in the biplane, Amy subconsciously knowing something is very wrong. Back in the Emerald Chamber, Knuckles realises there is only way to stop Chaos absorbing the Emeralds, though he is very hesitant to do so: Ejecting the Emeralds from the island. After some encouragement from Porker, Knuckles ejects the Emeralds and Chaos' howl of rage can be heard from outside the island. Meanwhile in the dark dimension, Grimer is watching the Emeralds' ejection, and Chaos' pursuit of them. This seems to spark something in Robotnik's mind, and he starts moving out of the dimension at long last, with a gleeful Grimer in tow. Back on the Floating Island, Tails and Amy arrive too late, as Knuckles is having something of an emotional crisis having failed in his life's work. As the island starts to fall, he urges the remaining Freedom Fighters to leave, having no intention of leaving. He only accompanies them after Amy gives him a little persuasion with a iron bar, and the heroes only just manage to escape in the biplane before it sinks below the ocean's surface. After landing, the Freedom Fighters muse upon what might happen when Chaos manages to track the Emeralds down, but are interrupted by an unseen voice vowing that they'll think of something, because they always do. The gang swivel around to see none other than Sonic standing before them, vowing that this time he's back for good.


  • In keeping with Sonic gaining green irises to match his appearance in Sonic Adventure (not to mention the other Freedom Fighters), Robotnik's appearance changes in this part, changing his clothes to match his Sonic Adventure outfit.
  • Nigel Kitching's script bore the title "The Fall of the Floating Island".
  • We never found out what caused Sonic to abruptly come back.


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