Art by Richard Elson from Enter Knuckles.

For the Ravette Books compilation book, see Spin Attack (book).

The Spin Attack is the most famous technique belonging to Sonic the Hedgehog and is used extensively in Sonic the Comic. At its most basic, the attack involves Sonic rolling into a ball and using his spikes to damage a Badnik or similar threat. This usually takes form in a literal "spin" jump, where Sonic leaps into the air straight into the enemy. At other times, Sonic will modify this into a "Spin Dash" (performing a Spin Attack from being stationary) or a "Slow Roll" (name taken from Sonic 3D, not actually very slow, but a Spin Attack along the ground while running). Sometimes, when the artist just wants to draw a quick Spin Attack, the move will look very basic and omit details like Sonic's eyes and feet. This was a favoured technique of Richard Elson and he taught Boomers how to draw the basic version in Sonic Holiday Special 1996.

Sonic first used a Spin Attack in the very first panel of Enter: Sonic and used it in almost every story, using his final one in Prisoner of War!, although then it was mainly just a way of reaching and then evading a target.

For similar attacks that utilise the Spin Attack in some way, see Sonic Cyclone and Sonic Blast Attack.

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