Art by Roberto Corona and John M Burns

Spiker 2 (officially known as Spiker) is a Badnik originally based in the Marble Garden Zone. It was designated the "2" suffix to differentiate if from the Spiker Badnik from the Hill Top Zone.


Spiker 2s are designed to blend in with the environment. Although they initially appear to be a spike trap from afar, they will suddenly stand tall when approached by an enemy. This exposes its underbelly that contains two cannons that fire projectiles in both directions. The exposed area is the only place to defeat the Badnik, as it is covered in spikes. However, these "spikes" are another cunning part of its design, as an attempt to attack it from above will merely see the foe bounce off the fake spikes.


A Spiker 2 first appeared hidden in the undergrowth in the Marble Garden Zone when Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose arrived to take down the Combinik. While Amy was busy reflecting on the "lovely" environment, it was left to Sonic to save her when the Spiker fired a laser blast at the pair. The Badnik evaded punishment, as they were then accosted by a Pointdexter.

Spiker 2s later returned as an obstacle in the Labyrinth Zone. Sonic had been knocked into the water by a new swinging Badnik and encounted a pair of Spiker 2s on the lake bed. One of them was easily destroyed but Sonic was soon trapped inside a fake air bubble. Sonic planned to use the spikes on the Spiker 2 to burst the bubble but the "spikes" were not sharp enough. This Spiker also evaded punishment, as Sonic used the debris from the other Spiker 2 to climb out of the water. The Spiker 2 appeared to be upset that Sonic did not suffocate in the water.


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