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The Spice Maidens are Pirate Queen Zorabel's five daughters, debuting in a Sonic the Comic story of the same name. The girls are a parody of the then-popular pop group, the Spice Girls, and do bear some physical resemblance to their real-life counterparts, though the resemblance is obviously minor.


Little is known about the Spice Maidens before they were introduced in Sonic the Comic. It's noted in a flashback though, that Captain Plunder met them once when they were children. The girls were officially introduced causing havoc in a tavern brawl in Scourge Bay, before they were set to join Plunder's crew in the search for King Akotek's treasure. Plunder wasn't keen on the idea, being very superstitious, even after Pepper floored him instantly. The girls joined Plunder's crew regardless, with their mother coming along, since she couldn't leave them alone with him, and she had an ulterior motive for Plunder. When they arrived at Skull Rock in search of Krakiota the sea serpent, the girls were quick to accuse Plunder of leading them to the wrong place due to his fear of the legendary 'monster'. On the island where the Akotek treasure was hidden, the girls proved to be very good at swaying Plunder's opinion of what to do and pushing him to break the seal on Akotek's tomb. With Plunder later cursed, and having served his purpose, the girls loaded the tomb's treasure up and returned to the ship unharmed, having suffered no ill-effects. They and Zorabel were returned to Scourge Bay when the adventure was over. Like Zorabel, they have not made an appearance since.


The Spice Maidens do not resemble each other in any way, and each one seems to be from a different species (Zorabel's promiscuity in her younger days is not touched upon in any way, for obvious reasons). Each one is named for a different spice.

  • Cinnamon - A bear.
  • Nutmeg - A squirrel. Possesses a certain degree of insanity.
  • Coriander - Indeterminate species, but possibly a camel. Quiet and somewhat subdued.
  • Pepper - An ape. The most violent of the group and somewhat hot-tempered. Doesn't think much of Plunder at all.
  • Tarragon - Some variety of rodent. Somewhat vain and concerned with what to wear, but just as violent as the rest.