The first ever Speedlines logo.

Speedlines is a feature in Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online where Megadroid answers the letters and emails sent in by Boomers. The page is a simple Q&A format, with the letter being published followed by Megadroid's answer. As well as letters, readers were encouraged to send drawings in and, until the regular introduction of the Graphic Zone, it was the only place fan drawings could be seen.

Whatever was sent in, submissions had to be accompanied by the reader's name and address so that published entries could receive a free gift as a prize. From Issue 1 to Issue 7, this would be a Sonic 2 Badge, but then became the Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Game, a portable water device that allows you to propel Sonic as if he were on a spring. From then on, until Issue 69, readers would receive a Highgrove Sonic Stationary set that consisted of a pencil case and various other practical goods. These were followed by the short-lived Sega Sonic & Knuckles disposable camera, until they were replaced in Issue 83 by the Sega Mega Hog Tag, a "dog tag" with the Sonic & Knuckles and Sega logos on them. A new era began in Issue 101 with the Sonic 2 Crucial Cup. These only lasted until Issue 109, with the following Speedlines issuing a "Sonic Mystery Prize"! The mystery was completely lost as Issue 111 started supplying a non-descript enamel badge. The mystery prize returned for Issue 139, but this would prove to be the final gift.

Issue 139 marked the end of Speedllines. In Issue 140, the Control Zone featured a meessage from Megadroid that stated he was leaving for his home planet. As of then, the Control Zone and Speedlines both ceased to exist. However, Speedlines returned as an irregular feature in Issue 173, with Sonic the Hedgehog now answering letters (although he mistakenly stated he was "giving Megadroid a rest", despite the droid not appearing for 33 issues). The feature carried on much as it did before, although there were more fan-submitted robot creations for Sonic to fight and the answers carried an attitude only Sonic could get right. The feature also had snippets of artwork from Sonic Adventure and not ones from the comic itself. This would sometimes lead to Doctor Robotnik and Amy Rose looking completely different in stories than they did in Speedlines.

Speedlines is also an irregular feature on STC-O, following much the same pattern as STC. Differences are that all submissions are now emails and very few drawings are published, since a Graphic Zone exists in the Message Zone forums.

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