Sonic vs Shortfuse is a complete story which appeared in the Sonic Holiday Special 1996 special.


Script: Lew Stringer

Art: Mike Hadley

Lettering: Ellie DeVille


Shortfuse the Cybernik is visiting Tekno's Workshop for a check-up of sorts. All is working order, but before Shortfuse can launch into another tangent about his lot in life, the alarm goes off. Three EggRobos are on the move above the workshop, and Shortfuse immediately rushes out to confront them. Unfortunately, it's him the Eggrobos are looking for, and one launches a Control Disc at the Cybernik, blocking his ability to think clearly and planting an image of Dr Robotnik in his mind, brainwashing him. Shortfuse's new mission: find and kill Sonic, and he sets out at once with the two remaining Eggrobos, pursued by Tekno. A few hours later elsewhere, Sonic, Tails and Amy have finished taking out another horde of Badniks, when they are attacked by the brainwashed Cybernik. While Tails and Amy deal with the Eggrobos, Sonic tries to fend off Shortfuse, the pair being somewhat evenly matched. While both recover for a moment, Tekno arrives and removes the disc from Shorty's back, bringing him back to his senses. Shortfuse crushes the disc underfoot and reconciles with Sonic, before departing with Tekno. Elsewhere, Robotnik makes plans for controlling Shortfuse again, having learned how to....


  • Sonic vs Shortfuse marks the first meeting of Sonic and Tekno.
  • Shortfuse seems to be much larger in this story than in any of his other appearances.
  • Tails fights off his Eggrobo in an unusual way, the art showing him firing a blast from his clenched fist, unless he is supposed to be deflecting a shot.
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