This article is for the 1994 edition. For the 2009 Sonic the Comic Online special, see Sonic the Summer Special 2009.

Sonic the Summer Special is the first edition of Sonic the Comic Summer Specials. Released at the price of £1.95, the magazine is notable for several things; for kickstarting a summer tradition that would last for at least four more occasions, for introducing disguises by Doctor Robotnik that would continuously fool the Freedom Fighters and for bringing Knuckles the Echidna into his first story.

Nigel Kitching wrote all the stories (although was totally uncredited) as well as several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Doctor Sun is a 2-part story totally completed in this issue, with artwork by Ferran Rodriguez. Emerald Hill Zone resident has come to see Sonic the Hedgehog as his son, Stripes, has gone missing to the Mystic Cave Zone. Sonic and Tails visit Doctor Sun, a man who, rumours say, has been looking after many missing children. After navigating several perilous traps, Sonic and Tails discover Doctor Sun to be Doctor Robotnik in disguise and free the captured children from the Badnik Processing Plant.

Doctor Robotnik

Test Drive is a complete story and the first to be a lead Robotnik story. Drawn by Mike White, the story sees Grimer present Robotnik with a new Egg-O-Matic, but the tyrant decides to test it on his chief scientist. After cornering Grimer, Robotnik is hit by his own untested weapon and ends up delirious.


Attack of the Badniks is a complete story also drawn by White, which sees Tails late for a meeting with the Freedom Fighters. The fox is surprised by a Badnik attack but manages to trick them into destroying themselves. Unfortunately, he's about to be killed by one lone Bonehead Badnik but is rescued by Sonic, who doesn't believe Tails' story.


Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds is a complete story, written and drawn by Kitching, and the first ever STC script to feature Knuckles. While patrolling the Floating Island, Knuckles sees something fall out of the sky into the Icecap Zone, so goes to investigate. At the scene of the crash, a remote robot finds Knuckles and leads him to where Doctor Robotnik lies, ready to warn him about the "evil" Sonic the Hedgehog. Unbeknownst to the echidna, Robotnik has crash-landed his new Death Egg.


Regular Features

Several features from Sonic the Comic made their way into the Summer Special. Speedlines Overspill is actually just a large Graphic Zone, although the prize is still the Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Game. Kitching takes over from David Gibbon to provide well-known tips for the first three Sonic games.


The History of Sonic gives a recap of all major Sonic games so far and lists the eight titles released to date. Doctor Robotnik: The Interview is an interview conducted by Bob 'Scribbly' Cosgrove (transcribed by Kitching) that sees an annoying reporter incessantly ask about Robotnik's tyrannic rule over Mobius. Both Tails the Profile and Knuckles the Profile are brief descriptions of the two characters and their backstories. In 2 Action goes into detail about the Sega Bus while Sonic Crazy mentions upcoming merchandise and the Segasonic the Hedgehog game. Sonic's World pictures many of the major Badniks from the first three Sonic games. Finally, there are several pictures of Sonic and Tails posing with celebrities and the pin-up is identical to Issue 2's cover.



This is the first Summer Special. The next is Sonic Holiday Special 1995.

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