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Sonic the Human! is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 17 of Sonic the Comic.



It looks like it is all over for Sonic the Hedgehog as he is strapped to the foot of Doctor Robotnik's Giant Mech and it's coming down fast! However, the cries of a trapped Tails wake Sonic up from a bad dream - only he's not Sonic! It seems that Sonic has woken up in a human body (although he doesn't know what a human is) in a room littered with unfamiliar junk. Confused by the clothes he's wearing, Sonic confronts someone else in the room with him, only to discover it to be him! Suddenly, a loud voice calls from downstairs, revealing "Sonic" to actually be called "Erin". Uneasily, Erin ventures downstairs and agressively questions his new housemate.. It happens to be his mother! Confused, Sonic sits down for breakfast, but is repulsed when his mum tries to feed him an egg. His mother relentlessly tries to feed him his egg, but the boy speeds out before she can succeed.

Outside, Sonic believes he has found his way back to the Emerald Hill Zone but is distraught to realise it's just a back garden. He begins to contemplate never seeing Mobius or his friends again when a voice from the other side of the fence. The neighbour drops his terrified expression for a moment, asking to be Erin's friend the boy that looks like Tails (actually just a hairstyle) reveals he is trapped by an unseen creature. Sonic decides to come out with a Spin Attack, but when it turns out to be more like a cartwheel, Erin bangs his head and blacks out. When he wakes up, he is back in his bed, tucked in tight enough for him to be unable to escape. Erin's mother returns with an egg, this time notably a rotten egg. As she prepares to forcefeed him, Erin refuses but she insists that he will forget these silly dreams of being a hedgehog, before calling him 'spikeball'. Twigging that this is all down to Robotnik, Sonic fights back and pulls himself from the illusion, arriving in Robotnik's base.

A Buzzer Badnik informs Robotnik that Sonic has escaped. The dictator is livid, stating that the Brain Drain Machine should have turned Sonic and Tails into mindless slaves by now. Sonic reveals he resisted the programming, before punching out the Badnik. Robotnik flees through the window in his Egg-o-Matic, shouting he "shell" return. Sonic's next step is to release Tails from the Brain Drain, although Tails is reluctant to wake from his nice sleep. Tails is confused, wondering what happened since the pair were captured. Sonic reveals they were trapped on a foreign planet with monsters but he won't say anymore - he wouldn't believe it.


  • The actual title of this story is conjecture; the usual "Sonic the Hedgehog" logo has the word "Hedgehog" scribbled out, with "Human!" written over it. Since there is no other title, the name of the strip could just be "Human!".
  • The Mecha Robotnik is piloting is similar to that of the final boss in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, although a better fit for that mecha appears in Issue 27.
  • Erin's room is cluttered with little nods to the STC universe and beyond, such as Balkiry and biplane models on a mobile, a Mega Drive and a Judge Dredd poster (possibly from the comic also published by Fleetway.
  • Erin's shadow whilst walking down the stairs is supposed to look like Sonic, but his body shape shouldn't be making that shadow, despite that being the intention.
  • "Lazy bed" doesn't make any sense.
  • Erin's cooker seems to defy logic. All hob dials seem to point to 'off' (unless they are pointing downwards), there is no oven dial and the grill appears to be hanging of its own accord.
  • "Tails'" 'The Big Breakfast' T-shirt and large glasses is probably a nod to popular celebrity Chris Evans.
  • There is nothing stopping Sonic doing in his usual Spin Attack, making it odd that his human version is a cartwheel.
  • It is unclear whether or not Sonic and Tails are sharing the same dream. Despite Sonic stating they were both on Planet Earth, Tails says he was having a nice sleep, even though his human version was being attacked. Perhaps like real dreams, Tails could not remember what happened.
  • The story of Sonic and Tails being captured is a Noodle Incident, since we didn't see them get captured.


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