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Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular main protagonist of the Sonic the Comic. He is the leader of the Freedom Fighters based out of the Emerald Hill Zone and is commonly regarded as the hero of Mobius. Born with the power to run at unnatural speeds Sonic was involved in an experiment which allowed him to break the sound barrier, resulting in a sonic boom that turned him blue. Working with Doctor Kintobor to rid the planet of all evil, Sonic witnessed the good Doctor's transformation into his long-time nemesis Doctor Ivo Robotnik. He is probably most famous on Mobius for opposing Robotnik on countless occasions, and later deposing of the tyrant during the final victory in the Metropolis Zone. For undercover work, he has often disguised himself under the alias of Bob Beaky to avoid revealing his true identity. Due to extreme exposure to high levels of Chaos energy Sonic has developed a transformation into a super-powerful alter-ego known as Super Sonic. This malevolent demonic being is unleashed in times of great stress or if he is overexposed to additional Chaos energy. Hyper Sonic (called Sonic by Amy) is a powered-up form of Sonic the Hedgehog, much like Super Sonic. Unlike the latter, Hyper Sonic retains his original persona, due to harnessing the pure side of Chaos Energy.


Early Years

Sonic in his original form, with Kintobor, from Sonic the Comic #8. Art by Richard Elson.

Originally a normal brown hedgehog and resident of the Green Hill Zone, Sonic accidentally discovered the lab of benevolent scientist Doctor Ovi Kintobor. At this time, Sonic already claimed to be the fastest hedgehog on the planet, a fact which intrigued Kintobor. The two became friends, and Kintobor showed Sonic his various experiments and inventions.

Kintobor's main mission in life was to rid the planet Mobius of all evil. By using a machine that he called the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor (or ROCC) and the Power Rings of Mobius, he channelled the evil energy into six Chaos Emeralds. However, Kintobor lacked the seventh Emerald that would stabilise the machine. Sonic agreed to help Kintobor search for the final Emerald in exchange for Kintobor using his scientific knowledge to help Sonic to run faster. Although they never found the Emerald, Kintobor's experiments on Sonic's speed eventually bore fruit, when he invented a pair of friction-reducing Power Sneakers.

When testing the Power Sneakers for the first time, Kintobor put Sonic into a "Kinetic Gyratoscope" in order to test Sonic's speed. Sonic ended up breaking the speed of sound, causing an accident that fused Sonic's quills together and turning them a distinctly different blue colour. Sonic honed his skills using the various structures around the Green Hill Zone and soon learned to control his super-speed, allowing him to perform aerial feats and stunts. His signature move quickly became the "Sonic Spin Attack", which proved useful for destroying Badniks.

Upon Kintobor's transformation into Dr. Robotnik, Sonic used his speed to stop his former friend's attempts at conquering Mobius. He defeated him on two separate occasions, retrieving the Chaos Emeralds from him both times and destroying the doctor's Death Egg satellite. In the process, he also rescued a young fox called Miles "Tails" Prower from drowning in a swamp, and Tails followed him around as a sidekick ever since. Sonic kept the Chaos Emeralds hidden safely in North Cave in the Frozen Zone. During this period Robotnik had targeted both Sonic and Tails for Unfortunately, on a trip to the Special Zone, he discovered too late that the Doctor had taken control of his old friend the Omni-Viewer, and he and his friends were thrown forward in time by six months.

Ruled By Robotnik

In Sonic's six month absence, Robotnik conquered Mobius. Sonic immediately formed a Freedom Fighter organisation, operating out of Kintobor's old underground lab (along with a "Kintobor Computer" based on his brain patterns) with his friends Tails, Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis. Amy Rose joined later, much to Sonic's annoyance due to her insistence she was his girlfriend, and a brief alliance was formed with Captain Plunder and the Sky Pirates.

The Sonic Terminator

Sonic spent the next few months sabotaging Robotnik's operations, liberating Badnik Processing Plants, fighting off assassins such as Metallix the Metal Sonic and Metamorphia, and keeping the Emeralds safe. He also was present at the destruction of an ancient robot called a Sentinel, which would haunt him later.

The Floating Island

Mobius' dictator is captured at last. Art by Richard Elson.

When Robotnik's Death Egg II crashed on the legendary Floating Island, Sonic went after and finally captured the tyrant. In the process he ran afoul of Knuckles the Echidna, who'd been duped by Robotnik, and established a long-standing rivalry. Unfortunately it turned out Robotnik had allowed himself to be captured so Knuckles could track him to Sonic's base and steal the Chaos Emeralds. The plan worked and the Emeralds were combined with the Floating Island's Emeralds; Knuckles realised Robotnik was evil and turned against him, and in revenge for the defeat Robotnik invaded and destroyed Sonic's base.

Going Into Hiding

Now forced to go nomadic as Bob Beaky and his his travelling circus, Sonic attempted to prevent the Death Egg II from being relaunched. Sonic teamed up with Knuckles to prevent the launch, initially failing and having to bring it down from the inside by retrieving the Master Emerald from Robotnik. In return for saving the Emerald, Sonic made Knuckles allow the Emerald Hill folk to flee to the Mushroom Hill Zone for refuge; he spent the next few weeks deliberately tracking down and rescuing every Emerald Hill prisoner.

The Brotherhood Of Metallix

In order to save Mobius from the Metallix, Sonic is forced to ensure the creation of the planet's worst enemy. Art by Richard Elson.

The twin threats of Commander Brutus and the Brotherhood of Metallix both occurred in the same timeframe, pushing Sonic to his limits and both threatening to seize Mobius from Robotnik. Sonic was conned by Robotnik into going after the Brotherhood (even though Robotnik could've wiped them out via an auto-destruct program) and was forced to leave Porker behind on the Miracle Planet for a month as a result, while Brutus was only driven off by Sonic turning Super. The Brotherhood of Metallix later rewrote history so that Doctor Kintobor never became Robotnik, allowing them to take over Mobius and wipe out its inhabitants; working with Omni-Viewer and the Chaotix Crew, Sonic was forced to go back in time and ensure that Robotnik was created in order to save the planet, much to Sonic's disgust; this makes him feel responsible for Robotnik's tyranny. As an act of revenge, he deliberately called up Robotnik to taunt him with his failed plans before helping a Metropolis Zone mob destroy one of Robotnik's statues.

The Brutus Insurrection

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Running Wild

Super Sonic, angrier than ever, targets Amy. Art by Richard Elson.

A turning-point occurred when Sonic was transformed into Super Sonic by accident when there was no enemy to fight - Super immediately tried to kill the Freedom Fighters, with Sonic at one point thinking he'd been successful. To stop Super, the Chaos Energy was drained from Sonic into the Special Zone but this accidentally caused Super to gain an independent existence from Sonic. After being involved in fighting against Brutus' vicious takeover attempt, Sonic went to the Special Zone to stop Super Sonic. As a temporary measure, Super was frozen in time inside the Omni-Viewer and then sealed in the Black Asteroid, but this trapped Sonic in the Special Zone.

Trapped In The Special Zone

Sonic spent the next few months living with the Chaotix Crew, alternately fighting serious villains such as Lord Sidewinder and Nack the Weasel and dealing with the surreal craziness of the Zone itself. He grew a heavy dislike of the Zone, its weirdness and its superheroes (such as the Zed Monkeys), constantly wanting to return home.

The Final Victory

When Super Sonic escaped the Omni-Viewer and charged up the Black Asteroid in order to escape that too, Sonic came up with the idea to teleport the Asteroid to Mobius. The resulting electromagnetic pulse wiped out all of Robotnik's computer systems and left him powerless; returning to Mobius via the Omni-Viewer, Sonic was unable to stop Robotnik escaping but did destroy his base, symbolising the end of tyranny.

A Free Mobius

Sonic suggests the idea of Zone Leaders. Art by Roberto Corona and John Burns.

The initial days of freedom left Sonic bewildered half the time. He was annoyed seeing former enemies like the Marxio Brothers profiting as legitimate businessmen and being unable to tell if they were still evil. He also had problems with boredom and a worry that, with Robotnik gone, there was nothing for him to do. The politics of Mobius' first post-Robotnik election (Vote For Me)left Sonic bored to death, but an on-the-spot remark by him led to the establishment of a system of regional governments - Zone Leaders - over a global government. He also tried several times to locate the missing Super Sonic, not realising the EM pulse had caused temporary amnesia and turned Super into a pacifist.

The Drakon Empire

He battled Robotnik once more on Flickies' Island, determined not to allow another takeover, only to witness Robotnik abducted by a Prosecutor of the Drakon Empire. This led to repeated clashes against the Empire as Robotnik made a deal with the Drakon House of War's leader Emperor Ko-Dorr. Sonic was captured and put on trial for the destruction of a Sentinel, and forced to prove his innocence in combat against a new model Metallix (as Drakon law decides innocence in Trial By Combat). Thanks to Tails, Sonic escaped with his life and Ko-Dorr had to let him go for legal reasons. Sonic battled attempts by the Drakons to invade Mobius for the Chaos Emeralds, fending them off until they invaded the Floating Island - only to be betrayed by Robotnik.

Robotnik Reigns Supreme

Robotnik gives Sonic a sample of his newfound godlike powers. Art by Richard Elson.

Robotnik absorbed the Chaos Emeralds' powers and became a god, reshaping reality to create a Mobius where Sonic had never existed. Traumatised by the sights - Amy and Johnny as frightened civilians, Porker a lackey of Robotnik, Tails dead and the Emerald Hill Zone a metal wasteland - Sonic attempted to bring hope to the people that Robotnik could be beaten. Despite being shown that he would fight for 65 years and never win, Sonic declared he would never give up no matter the situation, and finally defeated Robotnik by manipulating his ego. Mobius was reverted to normal and Robotnik was stripped of his powers and presumed dead. Taking the opportunity, the Freedom Fighters destroyed the doctor's Flickies' Island base and also rescued Johnny when it turned out he'd been captured and impersonated by Shayde, an extradimensional shadow being who had been masquerading as Agent X.


Sonic arrives on Shanazar. Art by Richard Elson.

Robotnik's lackey Grimer discovered Robotnik still lived in a sub-atomic universe and attempted to retrieve him, with Sonic following. This left him stranded in another universe once again, this time on the planet of Shanazar, a world run on magic and similar to Arabian Nights fantasy. It turned out Robotnik had reverted to Kintobor when he landed on Shanazar and had become the Grand Vizier of Princess Kupacious (ruler of a kingdom also called Shanazar). Unfortunately it was soon revealed that the transformation was only temporary and Robotnik returned soon after Sonic's arrival. Sonic also found himself placed in a moral dilemma regarding the Shanazar custom of allowing children to contain the spirit of mighty genies; while it was beneficial to both sides and the children were willing, it would reduce their life spans to five years. Unable to accept this, Sonic destroyed the Mystic Globe that made the ceremony possible and thus made himself an enemy of the kingdom.

Sonic travelled the world as a fugitive, saving lives and fighting multiple villains, including a hive-mind alien race called The Plax, whilst trying to both find a way home and stop Robotnik's plans. He was soon joined by Amy Rose, who was using the Eternity Ring to try and retrieve Sonic but accidentally ended up trapped with him. Together they eventually went after Robotnik directly, discovering he had plans to teleport back to Mobius by increasing the size of Shanazar and colliding the two planets - he would then take control in the resulting devastation. His process backfired, instead causing the two planets to merge into one and cause dimensional portals across Mobius to open up to "New Zones", other dimensions and other times. Enraged, Robotnik tried to attack Sonic and was beaten back.

Back on Mobius, Sonic immediately started exploring the portals and new Zones alongside Amy and Tekno the Canary.


Robotnik crushes Sonic with his incredible power. Art by Richard Elson.

Driven insane, Robotnik decided to destroy Mobius and gained the help of the Plax in doing so. On Christmas Eve, Mobius began to suffer complete environmental collapse, endangering countless lives. Sonic, Amy, Tekno and Shortfuse the Cybernik launched a direct assault on Robotnik to stop him, just barely succeeding. Much to Sonic's joy afterwards, Robotnik appeared to be dead.

It turned out the Doctor had survived and grown ever more depressed. In an attempt to help him, Robotnik's lackey Grimer released the ancient Chaos creature upon Mobius. In battle against it in Metropolis Zone, Sonic was briefly trapped inside it and emerged with green eyes due to absorbing more Chaos energy. Chaos attacked again and killed Johnny Lightfoot. Sonic blamed himself for the death, admitting he'd never thought anyone would really be killed in all the years he'd risked their lives, and temporarily quit the Freedom Fighters.

Sonic rejoined shortly afterwards and was subsequently warped to the ancient past, witnessing both the Echidna-Drakon War and the creation of Chaos. Determined to destroy Chaos in the past so he couldn't kill Johnny in the future, Sonic launched an attack that saw him trapped inside Chaos again and nearly drowned; the Echidnas warped him back to the present, just in time to battle Chaos at his most powerful. Sonic was able to shrug off Chaos' ability to cause fear by focusing on rage but the final blow came when Super Sonic returned, needing Chaos Energy to remain alive; with the help of his friend Ebony, he'd tracked down Chaos and absorbed all of his energy. Unfortunately this caused Super Sonic to revert back to his former psychotic self and attempt to slaughter the Freedom Fighters. Determined to stop any more of his friends being killed, Sonic had Ebony recombine the two of them into one being once more.

Sonic the Comic Online

The unofficial online continuation of STC showed Sonic's initial reaction to being recombined with Super Sonic - fear of transforming into Super and disbelief that he'd ever been a pacifist. When Tails was captured and put in danger by Doctor Zachary and his Syndicate, Sonic showed an intense desire to rescue his friend above all else, still affected by Johnny's loss.

When the Chaos Emeralds were warped into the Special Zone once more, Sonic attempted to retrieve them and found himself in conflict against the Syndicate creation Shadow the Hedgehog - a conflict Sonic lost. As a result of Shadow gathering the Emeralds together, the Special Zone was destroyed as the Chaos Energy that formed it was absorbed. Sonic was then shown that Shadow had been raised by Kintobor and (now he'd been turned into Robotnik) was repaying him by carrying out his last wish of destroying Mobius; all of this had occurred because Sonic turned Kintobor into Robotnik. Devastated by the events and determined to save Mobius, Sonic went to the Drakon Empire for help. As a result the Syndicate was defeated and Shadow died of energy loss in the process, but Sonic was left knowing that by accepting help from the Drakons he could have enabled them to threaten Mobius in some way.

Soon after this, Sonic was hit by a smear campaign by the Kane Broadcasting Company, a media conglomerate owned by the amoral tycoon Percival Kane. The campaign attempted to prove Sonic was secretly a dangerous villain, revealing that he'd turned Kintobor into Robotnik (insinuating Sonic was behind the dictator all along) and that he transformed into Super Sonic (insinuating it constantly happened). Sonic's image was left tarnished, with thousands of Mobians now distrusting him; an attempt by Norris Wimple to help only made things worse, as angry Sonic fans rioted and made Sonic seem like a dangerous gang leader.

He has also come up against The Family, a crime syndicate run by insects who'd left the Special Zone before its destruction. Psychic mobster Oscura the Mantis attempted to drive Sonic mad through a mind swap and psychic illusions designed to prey on his fears, including Johnny's death; in the process it was revealed Sonic had a subconscious phobia of Amy settling for someone else...

Things came to a head when Sonic was framed for a series of Mega Mack bombings by a new Metallix, one capable of shape-shifting. Due to Kane's media reports, the people of Mobius believed he was indeed responsible, and Sonic was briefly captured by the police; the Metallix allowed them to run tests proving Sonic to be the real Sonic, then took his place so it could "prove" to the Freedom Fighters that he had gone bad. Sonic destroyed the robot and discovered Grimer to have been behind this plot, as well as prodding Kane into his smear campaign, but found himself unable to do anything with this knowledge - and was left stuck with all of Mobius hating and fearing him...

Alone and emotionally shattered, Sonic decided to leave Mobius forever through a portal. Moments before he left, however, an announcement claimed Robotnik was back, and was going to reclaim Mobius for himself. Sonic confronted a Robotnik confined to a supercomputer that gives him his sanity back. Robotnik threatened to destroy Mobius with the Chaos Tap Sonic planted to save the world, and proceeded to attack the Emerald Hill Zone with a massive new robot. Sonic assisted Tails in taking the robot out, and after explaining to his friend what had happened with the Metallix, left Tails to assume the mantle of Hero of Mobius, while Sonic set out to find a solution to Robotnik and the Drakons' plan. A short time later, Sonic took part in the Universe Game against The Void and his old rival from Shanazar, Turbo and would later come to blows with Ebony and The Order of Magick. Ebony, obsessed with reuniting with the pacifist Super Sonic, siphoned some of the demon's essence into a small bottle and used it upon Sonic, turning him back into the monster. Super was held down by the Order of Magick, while a new arrival, Blaze the Cat, took on Ebony until she was teleported away by the Order. With the battle over, and Sonic returned to normal, the hedgehog was warned that he would be called to witness at Ebony's trial before the Order disappeared, refusing to answer Sonic's questions about said trial or Blaze's whereabouts. Later on, Sonic tried to reconcile with Amy in Metropolis Zone, and tried to explain what had happened, but it was all for naught as the hedgehogs ended up brawling in the streets. After this, Sonic took part in a bizarre against ten Robotniks from past and present, alongside nine of his own selves. A quick visit to Vector the Crocodile later helped everyone realise they had been brought to the present by the Pirate Omni-Viewer to erase history by having the Sonics and Robotniks kill each other.

Sonic heads into Citadel Robotnik to shut the Chaos Tap off. Knuckles reluctantly helps him by using the Grey Emerald to drain the Chaos Energy, making it the same size as the Master Emerald. Sonic then bails before Knuckles can talk to him.  Sonic is later seen teaming up with Tails, the only member of the Freedom Fighters left who still trusts him, to take down the recently-rebuilt Wing Fortress Zone.  It turns out that it was a trap, as Robotnik had planned to crash the airship into the Metropolis Zone with Sonic inside of it.  Sonic is able to use a globe post to teleport the Wing Fortress out of harm's way, and is later seen having a brotherly moment with Tails, who had been given the credit for saving the Metropolis Zone.

Following Doctor Robotnik's defeat in Final Act, Tails is hosting a press conference outside Metropolis City Hall, flanked by Bodger and the remaining members of The Ultimax. Tails confirms that G.U.N. is still co-ordinating forces in order to destroy what's left of the Badnik army, but is interrupted by Sally Acorn and Joe Sushi of the Kane Broadcasting Company, who asks if Sonic the Hedgehog was present at the battle. Suddenly, Tails blurts out that Sonic was framed for the Mega Mack bombs; an overlooking Rouge the Bat listens in to the announcement, but knows there is worse to come...

Still in the Silver Glade Zone, Sonic has just defeated the Cyber-Shifter and, left with a Mobius Ring leading directly to Drak, he decides that it's time to take the fight to them. His leap through the portal sends him smashing into an explosion in the vicinity of House of War. Confused by the situation, Sonic is further perplexed when another Mobius Ring opens up and Amy Rose appears. She later explains that a group of Drakon rebels earlier stole a Mobius Ring, saved the lives of everyone on the Miracle Planet when it chained itself to Drak and began to fight back against the Drakon Empire. Amy is now leading the whole resistance, planning on dropping the House of Magic out of the sky, a far cry from their days in Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus.

Inside the House of Knowledge, Master Scholar and Sister Haggra continue plans to invade Mobius, with Haggra's Scarlet Sisters and Burgundy Brothers completing their final incantations over the course of the next two weeks.

Back on Mobius, Tails - joined by Theo, Holly, Silver the Hedgehog and the recently freed Shadow are tackling a Kumo-Kumo Ubernik, and various other Badniks. They now work without G.U.N.'s help, the soldiers unhappy that Tails supports the fugitive Sonic. Following the fight, Tails receives word from the Kintobor Computer back at Buddy's Bistro that there was an Egg-Cam secretly recording Sonic's fight with the Neo Metallix and the record of this is stored in the KBC archives. The heroes will have to head to the HQ themselves and find it.

On Drak, the final fight begins, with Amy finally realising that Sonic was framed for his alleged crimes. As a Master Sentinel is trapped within several Mobius Rings, the main two leaders of the Empire visit Emperor Brokken at the House of War. He insists that he is winning the war and doesn't need Scholar or Haggra's help - exactly what they were expecting. The next day, Amy confirms the plan to storm the House of Magic and Sonic storms the base - only to find nobody home.

At the Metropolis Zone KBC headquarters, the heroes have been joined by Shorty and Niya the Gorilla to find the secret footage, but are found by Kane. A verbal altercation betweens them, but is interrupted by Rouge, and then again by a violent rumbling. The Drakon plan has begun - Haggra's followers have created an enormous Mobius Ring that sucks Planet Drak, and the attached Miracle Planet, across space and right into the vicinity of Mobius. On Mobius, Rouge rallies the troops and produces her own Mobius Ring, ominously leading them to the Floating Island.

Up there, Knuckles the Echidna is joined by the Chaotix Crew as they try to prevent an oncoming Drakon swarm from progressing any further than the Temple of Chaos. The Guardian Robots are spooked by Tails' sudden arrival in the Emerald Chamber, but Porker Lewis, Tikal and Vector the Crocodile point the heroes towards a Zoom Tube leading to Knuckles. The fight intensifies with the appearance of another Master Sentinel, but is quickly defeated by Tekno the Canary, the Cybernix and a group of Niceniks.

The group is fully reunited when Sonic and Amy arrive and they discuss a super-weapon that the Drakons are pointing at the island. Knuckles has tried to fire the island's cannon, but the "Chaos Spire" runs on Chaos energy and absorbs all efforts. On Drak, Brokken is furious at this new development, his forces not knowing who to attack. Indeed, the heroes are winning on all fronts and pool their most scientific minds in order to prevent the firing of the Spire. It proves to be in vain as the weapon fires...

Kintobor confirms it is Chaos-based and Tekno worries that, if it draws all the Chaos energy out of the planet, there will be nothing left of Mobius. Sonic is optimistic, however - he and Kintobor reveal that Sonic gained his psychotic Super Sonic persona from the evil energy stored in the Chaos Emeralds. The energy being drawn from the planet is pure and won't affect Sonic in the same way. Not knowing quite what this will do, Sonic leaps into the beam and sounds as if he is terrible pain. Just as Tails is convinced he is dead, Sonic reappears - crackling with energy and glowing in several colours.

This "new" Sonic immediately leaps into a technicolour rampage, destroying all the Drakon transports. Shorty hypothesises on his new name but Amy realises this is still Sonic, just enhanced by the Chaos energy. On Drak, Haggra is furious that the Master Scholar betrayed her, realising that his plan was to defeat the Houses of War and Magic to take over the universe for himself. Their argument is interrupted by a fragment of Robotnik's online presence. Months ago, he hacked into the Drakon systems and installed a virus into the Drakon systems - waiting for them to be close to victory. Robotnik destroys all of the Spire technology and the three ruling leaders of the Drakon Empire are cornered by the resistance.

Loose ends are tied up as Hyper Sonic connects the Miracle Planet back to Mobius and tows Drak home. The next day, Kane is livid that he has no footage of the heroic battle until Tails walks in with a recording. He had blocked the signal and is willing to return it in exchange for proof of Sonic's innocence. Shortly afterwards, televisions everywhere are broadcasting both Sonic's efforts against the Drakons and his fight against the rogue Metallix. Finally, even citizens Arthur and Madge remember that Sonic is a true hero and life returns to normal.


One of Sonic's dark pranks receives a lukewam reaction. Art by Richard Elson.

While still a hero and possessing a strong moral code, in this continuity Sonic was portrayed with a different attitude than in other media. He is somewhat bossy, cocky, immature and arrogant, and characters regularly referred to his "strange sense of humour" - in Attack on the Death Egg, Sonic deliberately let Tails think he was dead for a laugh. Sonic's attitude frequently made cruel jokes at the expense of Tails, who he often refers to as "pixel brain". However, underneath his bluster Sonic truly does care about his friends and their well-being, showing extreme concern when he thinks they are genuinely in serious danger. He also showed anger when Porker Lewis quit the Freedom Fighters; writer Nigel Kitching has stated in a forum post that this was "because he didn't want Porker to go - not because he despised him for his cowardice but because he was just so desperate for Porker to stay. It's just Sonic's inability to express his feelings get him so screwed up."

He takes the protection of Mobius seriously; at the same time, he gets bored and restless when there's no new challenge or threat, and will often deliberately go seeking one out.

After the death of Johnny Lightfoot at the hands of the Chaos creature, Sonic genuinely blamed himself for putting his friends on the line, quitting the Freedom Fighters. He later returns from his self-imposed exile with a less-egocentric attitude and a stronger will.


Sonic explains to Knuckles how his forcefield works. Art by Richard Elson.

All of Sonic's abilities stem from his central power of super-speed - he can run faster than the speed of sound. The momentum of his speed allows him to smash robots with his fists and feet, and by curling up into a ball he can smash into objects with great force, a move called the Spin Attack. By running at full speed around an enemy, he forms a Sonic Cyclone that rips the enemy to shreds through its slipstream. By vibrating his molecules at super-speed, Sonic can break free of chains and can create a forcefield.

He pushed himself to the limits of his speed in Hyper Sonic to stop two D.R.A.T. missiles; this caused him to move so fast, even when just walking, that everything around him seemed frozen. He returned to normal by forcibly relaxing himself (by looking up trainspotting websites).

In this continuity, Sonic appears to be highly intelligent (although not a genius of the same calibur of Porker Lewis or Tekno the Canary), with a natural flair for cunning plans, such as his strategy to defeat the Brotherhood of Metallix.

Originally, Sonic's exposure to the Chaos Emeralds caused his transformation into the powerful Super Sonic, but his long-time exposure to Chaos energy means he can now transform due to extreme stress in dangerous situations. This makes Super Sonic a greater threat as he can emerge during any battle and he can (and has) easily turn the tide of battle in a Sonic-second.

During his fight with Amy (in War of the Rose) he also demonstrated the ability to project a shield around himself.  This would appear to be an advanced form of his Insta-Shield forcefield which he first used early on in the Sonic 3 adaptation.  Sonic performs this defensive manoeuvre by vibrating the air molecules in from of him at extremely high speed.

Hyper Sonic (called Sonic by Amy ) is a powered-up form of Sonic the Hedgehog, much like Super Sonic . Unlike the latter, Hyper Sonic retains his original persona, due to harnessing the pure side of Chaos Energy.


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As the star of Sonic the Comic, Sonic appeared in the majority of stories set on Mobius (and even a couple that weren't). He starred in at least one strip per issue and also had a Double Sonic series dedicated to him to give him more adventures. Aside from these, Sonic appeared at the beginning and ends of early Tails stories, made several appearances in the Sonic's World series and popped up in every other Mobian series at least once.


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