Sonic the Easter Special is a special edition of Sonic the Comic Online, released on the 1st of April 2012.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Tale of Cream the Rabbit is a complete Sonic story written by Tom Huxley, with Adamis providing art. Following a banner advert showing Sonic running a recruitment drive, young Cream the Rabbit heads to the coast in hopes of becoming a Freedom Fighter, only to find herself working for Captain Simpson and one Mister Plunder.

Doctor Robotnik

A collection of short newspaper style comics created by Tom Huxley and Adamis, and starring Robotnikat. When Blaze deflects a spell cast at her in a battle with Reverse Robotnik, he finds himself turned into a cat, and experiences a new lease of life....


In keeping with Sonic the Comic Online's tradition of playing a prank on the readers around April Fool's Day, the special includes a review of a hoax game based around Sonic the Comic, complete with screenshots, which Megadroid praises to no end. The special also includes 3 pin-ups, two of which are enlarged panels from Good Luck Chuck, one of Knuckles on his pterodactyl with the Miracle Planet in the background, and the last one being of Plunder, Filch and Simpson.



The previous issue was Issue 257, although the previous special was The Complete Vichama. The next special is the Christmas Special 2012. The next issue is Issue 258.

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