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Sonic The Podcast (STP for short) is a podcast dedicated to Sonic The Comic.  It features a revolving cast of regular and guest hosts (see Episodes section below).  The purpose of the podcast is to provide analysis of the classic issues of Sonic The Comic in the hopes of not only entertaining long-time STC fans but also educating and winning over new readers.

Episode Structure

Each episode features a focus on a series of related stories from Sonic The Comic, whether they form part of an arc or they're merely consecutive Complete Stories.  For example, the first episode focuses on the Sonic stories from issues seven to ten- of these four, only two are directly linked to one another.  The hosts take it in turn providing a synopsis of the story and the others may at any time impart their opinions or comments on the story at hand before moving on to the next story.

The podcast is lighthearted in nature and many deviations from the subject matter occur during the course of recording with many of these deviations making their way into the final product.


  1. Setting the STC Scene (Uploaded January 30th 2013) [with Michael "Stiv" Stephenson, Seumidh "Shay" MacDonald, Stuart Gipp and L. T. Fletcher]: Covers Super Sonic, The Origin of Sonic, Back to Reality and Megatox.  Explores four stories that helped create and cement the Sonic The Comic world.
  2. We're Not Kidding Around! (Uploaded February 22nd 2013) [with Stiv, Shay, Stu and L. T.]: Covers Time Racer, Hidden Danger!, Double Trouble and Hero of the Year.  A candid look at four stories of somewhat less renown from STC's early days.
  3. I Will Not Eat Green, Eggs or Man; Sonic I Am (Uploaded March 21st 2013) [with Stiv, Shay and L. T.]: Covers The Green Eater, Happy Christmas Doctor Robotnik and Sonic the Human.  Finding surprising quality in some overlooked gems from STC's first year.  Also includes a brief look at the first two issues of Sonic the Poster Mag.
  4. Sega Superstars part 1 (Uploaded April 17th and 28th 2013): [Act One with Shay, L. T. and Leeann Hamilton, Act Two with Shay, Stu, L. T. and Leeann].  The first episode to be uploaded in two Acts.  The first act covers Eternal Champions and the second act covers Death Isn't Forever, Reality Check, Brains & Brawls and Larson's Revenge.
  5. Adventures in the Nameless Zone (Uploaded May 29th 2013): [with Stiv, Shay and L. T.] Covering Tails first solo story arc with a look at The Nameless Zone and The Land Beyond.
  6. Gambling & Racism: Comics for Children! (Uploaded May 29th 2013): [with Stiv, Shay, L. T. and Pete Murphy] Covers Casino Night, Hill Top Terror and The Kid Cruel Caper.  A look at one of STC's most important early stories as well as two other Sonic adventures.
  7. Sonic CD part 1 (Uploaded September 11th 2013): [with Shay, L. T. and Mambo] Covers Girl Trouble and Pirates of the Mystic Cave.  The first half of the Sonic CD story arc features the introduction of Amy Rose and Captain Plunder as well as Robotnik's new look.
  8. Sonic CD part 2 (Uploaded December 15th 2013): [with Stiv, Shay and L. T.] Covers The Sonic Terminator.  Analysis of one of the most important arcs in the comic's history, including the debut of Metallix.
  9. Welcome to Sonic's World (Uploaded January 1st 2014): [with Stiv, Shay and L. T.] Covers the first Sonic's World story.  A look at a story that fills in many blank holes in the backstory of Sonic and the world he inhabits.
  10. Crappy 1st Birthday, STC (Uploaded January 15th 2014): [with Stiv, Shay, L. T. and Adam "T-Bird" Tuff] Covers the first six Sonic stories: Enter: Sonic, Robofox, Mayhem in the Marble Zone, Day of the Badniks, Lost in the Labyrinth Zone and Attack on the Death Egg.  A set of stories that, with one notable exception, aren't well liked.
  11. Sega Superstars part 2 (Uploaded April 4th 2014): [with Stiv, Shay, Stu and L. T.] A look at the team's favourite moments from the entire run of Decap Attack from 1993 to 2012.
  12. #Everyone'sADick (Uploaded June 26th 2014): [with Stiv, Shay, L. T. and Sian Copeman] The regulars cast their eyes over Doctor Sun, Test Drive, Attack of the Badniks and Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds from 1994's Sonic the Summer Special, as well as Ocean of Horror, while also getting a non-fan's perspective on these stories.
  13. Tails Tales Hahaha DO YOU SEE? (Uploaded September 28th 2015): [with Shay, Stu, L. T. and Mark Hughes] Covers The Morbidden Hunt and Zonerunner & The Flock. Two of Tails' stories with a very different direction are given the spotlight.

Bonus Episodes

  1. Speed Reading: 20 Years of Sonic The Comic (Uploaded July 24th 2013): Podcast version of L. T.'s STC documentary featuring many fan contributions.
  2. Summer of Sonic 2013 Reflections (Uploaded September 3rd 2013): Stiv, Shay and L. T. take a look back at their day at the 2013 Summer of Sonic fan convention.
  3. The Best and Worst of Sonic & Friends Year One (Uploaded April 18th 2014): Stiv, Shay and L. T. put forth their votes for the best and worst Sonic-related stories for the first year of STC's life.

Future Episodes

Episodes with a focus on Sega Superstars stories will be less frequent in nature and may feature special guests. As revealed on the Message Zone, the next several episodes will cover the Sonic and Tails stories from issues 28-38 and the Shinobi stories, including The Dark Circle.

Future special guests currently scheduled include a returning Adam Tuff, Leeann Hamilton and Pete Murphy, plus Black Dog Brew has expressed an interest in appearing on the show.

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