Sonic Speaks Out! - Rare & Racy Interview is an interview with Sonic the Hedgehog that appeared in the Sonic Holiday Special 1996. Hosted by Microdroid, the interview delves into Sonic's relationships with his friends, as well as discussing his origins.


The interview begins (following a shot-down introduction) with Microdroid reeling off quotes from Sonic's acquaintances. In response to Tails' looking up to Sonic, the hedgehog confirms that Tails has a lot to learn but insists that being cruel to him is merely harmless teasing. Sonic then calls Knuckles the Echidna an "echidna with a problem" and refuses to indulge in the possibility of romance with Amy Rose. He rounds things off by subtlely insulting Shortfuse the Cybernik and vainly assuring that Sonic is "cooler than an iceberg with shades".

The discussion moves on to Sonic's origins as a superhero, covering the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor and his Power Sneakers. Sonic then answers fan mail on his faults, his favourite food of chilli dogs and his wishes. When Microdroid asks if he'll ever defeat Doctor Ivo Robotnik, Sonic faulters, believing that Robotnik could finally come up with the invention to beat him. The interview is then interrupted by the "real" Sonic, who reveals that the interviewee is a robot sent by the Public Relations Agency of Mobius, a Robotnik-led company. Microdroid attempts to engage in an interview with the real hero once he has destroyed the imposter, but Sonic's words are too fast for the reporter and he shuts down. As an after-note, it was revealed that Microdroid was on the road to recovery but would never be trusted with such a high-profile project again.


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