Sonic No More is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story that first appeared in Issue 39 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted in Issue 154.



Sonic is on his morning run when he is suddenly hit by one of Grimer's weapons. Before the dust can settle, Sonic believes that the attack has failed. However, he soon learns that he has been turned brown and Doctor Robotnik is now blue. To make matters worse, Robotnik has stolen his powers, making the dictator fast enough to beat Sonic. He then lets his enemy go, content to let the people of Mobius see what has happened to their hero. The hedgehog returns to base, entering the chute to the surprise of the Freedom Fighters. Confused as to who this brown hedgehog is, the heroes draw their weapons until they realise it is Sonic. Porker Lewis tells him that he was probably attacked by the Energy Absorption/Transmission Device, an invention by Professor Neinstein.

Robotnik is speeding across Mobius with a queazy Grimer in tow, but he comes face to face with Sonic. Instead of attacking, Robotnik leaves the hard work to a couple of passing Bat Brains. However, the plan fails when they believe Robotnik to be Sonic and attack him instead. Robotnik orders Grimer to do something, so he turns him back to normal. Sonic has also got his powers back and destroys the Badniks and frees the organic batteries inside. Before Grimer can use the weapon again, Sonic grabs it and smashes it, before ultimately letting the villains go free.


  • This strip was referenced in Kitching's leaving letter in Issue 223, stating that this strip was "a bit of a letdown".
  • Robotnik's appearance is based off of his form from the cartoon series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Sonic states that the brown colour is how he looked before he got his powers. However, he already had his powers before the Kinetic Gyratoscope accident turned him blue. Similarly, turning blue wouldn't give Robotnik powers.
  • The heroes gang up on Sonic, despite three of them seeing this form before.
  • The Bat Brains state that Robotnik's blue look matches Sonic's parameters, suggesting that they only target things that are blue. They also leave when Robotnik turns back to normal, despite Sonic still being there.


The previous Sonic story was Robotnik's Revenge. The next is The Frozen Zone.

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