Sonic Colours (or Sonic Colors) is a 2010 video game for the Nintendo DS and Wii.


Dr Eggman is supposedly sorry for his past misdeeds and has opened an amusement park, formed by bringing planets close to Planet Earth. Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are suspicious and they discover that Eggman plans to absorb the energies of native Wisps to power a mind control machine.


Few characters from Sonic the Comic make an appearance in Colours, with Sonic the only playable one. However, several more appear in the DS edition as mission givers:

DS exclusives

Additionally, several Badniks from other games make their return here. These include Buzz Bomber, Burrobot, Moto Bug, Crabmeat, Spiny, Orbinaut, Jawz and Sandworm.

Review Zone

Both versions of the game have been featured in Sonic the Comic Online's Review Zone. Drew Middlemas covered the Wii edition first in Issue 253, awarding it 77%. He praised the level design, graphics and Wisps, but was left frustrated by the controls and lack of longevity. Stuart Gipp was more pleased with the DS version, happy about the extensive number of routes and unlockables but was disappointed with the bosses and special stages. Gipp awarded this 85%.

Sonic the Comic: Online Adaptation

The game has yet to be adapted to STC.


The previous game in the series was Sonic Free Riders. The next is Sonic Generations.

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