At some point before Sonic the Hedgehog became stranded in the Special Zone, he was captured by Dr Robotnik. Robotnik took a cell sample from Sonic during his incarceration, and grew a clone in his laboratory.

Robotnik intended to use the clone to give Sonic a bad name, but the experiment was only partially successful. The clone aged too rapidly, but Robotnik still found a use for him. The dictator brainwashed the clone with a memory of a bleak future, 50 years on, in which all the Freedom Fighters bar Sonic were dead, and all hope was lost. The clone tracked the Freedom Fighters down and quickly earned their trust after saving Sonic from a swamp. Sonic was skeptical about who the clone claimed to be, and brought him to a doctor in the Chemical Plant Zone, who confirmed that the clone genuinely seemed to be a future version of Sonic, after analysing cell samples from both hedgehogs.

The clone told the Freedom Fighters of a drill-like weapon unleashed upon the Candlewick Green Zone, which killed all but him. He spoke of how he became a prisoner of Robotnik's for years, and all his escape attempts failed except the last, at which point he ran faster than ever, breaking the time barrier. The clone expressed a desire to change history, and led all assembled, except the still mistrusting Sonic, to the caves beneath the Candlewick Green Zone, and straight into the clutches of Robotnik and the Troopers. As the clone continued to talk of the bleak future, Robotnik burst out laughing, revealing the truth of the clone's origins.

He escaped, unfortunately leaving the Freedom Fighters behind, and immediately tracked down Sonic, his quills now greying. As the hedgehogs made their way to rescue the others, they were attacked by Robotnik in a large mech. While Sonic fought the Troopers and rescued his friends, the clone battled Robotnik, but couldn't battle for long, almost completely out of energy. When the Freedom Fighters found him, he had collapsed and was dying. As Sonic forgave him, the clone began to glow and his body transformed into pure energy, which shot into the sky. Knowing he wasn't really from a dystopian future gave the Freedom Fighters new hope for the future and a world they hoped would one day be free from Robotnik's tyranny.


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