Sonic Advance 3 is a 2004 Game Boy Advance video game and is the third and final entry in the Sonic Advance series of games. Unlike many previous installments, this game enforces teamwork; players control one character but can link up with any of the other four to create new ways of traversing levels.


Dr Eggman has torn the Planet Earth into several parts, separating Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails from their friends. During their quest to find them and locate the missing Chaos Emeralds, the heroes also have to contend with Gemerl, a Gizoid based on the destroyed Emerl.


Several Sonic the Comic characters appear in this game, although they are here in their Sega guises:

STC adaptation

To date, there has been no adaptation of Sonic Advance 3 within the pages of Sonic the Comic or Sonic the Comic Online. However, Route 99, the first level in the game, had already appeared in Issue 175's The Coming of Chaos! in the form of a road sign torn up by Chaos. Elsewhere, "Sunset Hill" appears to be a version of the Green Hill Zone, set at dusk. Similarly, "Altar Emerald" is the current location of the Master Emerald, rather than the Hidden Palace.

In Issue 231, Stuart Gipp dedicated the Review Zone to Sonic Advance 3. Gipp gave the title 94%, praising the "brilliant" levels but noted that the pace "flounders" in the hub levels. The game was mentioned once again in the Issue 235 edition of the Q Zone, with Gipp providing a cheat code for the Special Stage mode.


The previous game in the series was Sonic Heroes. The next is Sonic Gems Collection.

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