Solidarity is a Sonic's World complete story appearing in Issue 98 of Sonic the Comic. It can b

The citizens realise it's time to stand up for themselves. Art by Andy Pritchett.

e seen as a major turning point in the attitudes of Mobius' people.



With Doctor Robotnik taking care of business on the Floating Island, Grimer has been left in charge of running the planet. Keen to impress his master, Grimer instantly comes down on hard on the people of the Metropolis Zone, sending in riot Troopers. The strict Badniks begin to arrest citizens for non-crimes such as wearing a loud shirt in public or staying out past a curfew they'd just invented.

The Freedom Fighters are in the area, on their way to sabotage Citadel Robotnik. However, witnessing the bullying being levelled at the citizens drives the heroes into their prime directive, safeguarding the safety of the people. As another Trooper moves in to make an arrest, Johnny Lightfoot smashes its head off and the other two Freedom Fighters rush in to help. Some Badniks are wasted, but by gathering in one spot, the heroes are quickly captured in a net. The citizens look on, dismayed that if Amy Rose and the team can't win, they might as well give up. Monkey, another resident, rallies his fellows, convincing them that the way forward is to fight back against their oppressors. Within minutes the people overpower the Troopers and a horrified Grimer watches on.

The Freedom Fighters are released from their prison (after the fight) and the people vow to continue to fight, declaring freedom for Mobius and power to the people!


  • A joke from 1981 film History of the World, Part I is almost used to describe the riotous citizens, but is cut short by Megadroid.


The previous Sonic's World story was Boiling Point. The next is No Exit.

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