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Art by Roberto Corona and Brian Williamson.

Sol Furic is a sheep from the Chemical Plant Zone. Alongside Sab, he currently works as a security guard for the Marxio Brothers, defending the Zone from attack. In the past, Furic has worked for different sides of the battle between good and evil, being convinced to join Nutzan Bolt before returning to his old friends. Furic's name is a pun on "sulphuric", a type of acid.


During the early days of RBR, Doctor Robotnik created the Chemical Plant Zone on a previously green area of Mobius, destroying all nature there and making the sheep homeless. In revenge, Sol joined The Flock, a team of Freedom Fighters dedicated to ridding their home of Robotnik's influence, and became one of their leaders. At some point in time, Nutzan Bolt took over the running of the Zone and convinced Sol that the pair of them could build "a better Chemical Plant". The split between Sol and Sab was a tearful one, but Sol left anyway, believing it to be their only chance.

Unfortunately, his new employer turned out to be a "homicidal maniac" and Sol was forced into evil acts. He was first seen working with Tess Tube, shooting at Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails shortly after an act of terrorism. He was later called into action when the remaining members of The Flock converged on the Zone's barrier. The two factions fought, but Furic was eventually defeated and kept in a waste barrel until his arrest.

Later, Sol escaped from prison and returned to the Flock's hideout, only to discover that it had been bombed. Tails believed that Sol was responsible, but the sheep confessed he had left his old master. Sol led Tails to his secret hideaway, where the pair were joined a vengeful Sab. Sol convinced them both that he was only on his way to rejoin the Flock and took them to Nutzan's new Ice Castle in order to destroy him. During the fight with Nutzan, Sol attempted to destroy Nutzan with his gun but was swiftly knocked out by a punch from the robot. He woke up to find the castle crumbling apart following Nutzan's defeat and pessimistically said his goodbyes to the Zonerunner. Sab managed to save the day and Sol waved goodbye to Tails, commenting on his "awesome" abilities.


Sol is one of the largest members of The Flock, appearing to have a muscular build underneath his fleece. His right arm is grafted to a machine gun, which he was seen to use once in the fight against Nutzan. Furic wears an eyepatch over his left eye. On his waistcoat is an emblem of unknown design.