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Art by Richard Elson

Society Max is an inhabitant of the Special Zone. He first appeared to be a villain, one who had something against Sonic the Hedgehog. In fact, he was under the control of a more sinister crook, Root.


Society Max as a mutant t-rex.

Little is known about Max before his first encounter with Sonic in New Tek City. When Sonic arrived in the Zone to meet the Chaotix Crew, Max's business partner, Blockhead Bill, accused Sonic of being the Crimson Cobra and attacked him. In the guise of a giant, T-Rex-like dinosaur, Max was piloted by Bill in his attempt to destroy 'the Crimson Cobra'. Max was eventually beaten when he was standing underneath an overhead train track. From above, Sonic insulted the dinosaur and, when Max looked up to face the source, he banged his head hard and the fight was ended. Soon after, Max shrunk into a much smaller lizard.

It transpired that Max only transformed into his larger, more ferocious self when fed a Mandrake root, of which Bill acquired from the Mandrake Swamp. In Chaotix headquarters, another fight breaks out between Bill and his son, Mighty the Armadillo, which causes Max to be fed another root and change back into a warrior. Shortly after Mighty punches Max through a wall and over the edge of Chaotix Towers, Max and Bill are teleported away by Root via a vision in the sky.

Max's and Bill's mission, under the mind control of Root, had been to poison the waters of New Tek City and turn the whole area into a swamp for Root and his minions. Unfortunately, Bill's unreliability has ended this opportunity. When Sonic and Chaotix are captured whilst trying to rescue Max and Bill, Max retells the tale of when they had been in the Mandrake Swamp looking for Max's roots when they were captured and turned into slaves. The same happens to Chaotix and Max watches as Sonic evades the same treatment. Later, he and Bill join in the fight, once again as a dinosaur, but Sonic finds his weakpoint - Max is incredibly ticklish. Bill stands in disbelief as his dangerous dino friend is reduced to a fit of giggles thanks to Sonic's nimble fingers.

Once Sonic finally defeats Root, the mind-control roots finally drop off of everyone and Max has his free will returned (although it is likely that he still turns into a dinosaur when required by Bill).


Society Max may only be a nickname, but it is one he loves to indulge. When he is not a rampaging dinosaur, Max can be seen in one of his finest blue dinner jackets, sipping a cocktail. A gentleman in every way, Max talks in a refined tongue and utterly despises the taste of the Mandrake root. Nevertheless, whenever Bill tosses one his way, Max kindly agrees and opens his mouth. As soon as the root touches Max's tongue, Max seems to instantly grow into his attacking form, ripping his way out of his best suits.

Max also wears small spectacles, although it's unknown where he keeps him when he transforms.

STC Online

In Sonic the Comic Online, Max has not appeared, except for a one-shot poster along with Bill and another popular minor character, Turbo. When Shadow the Hedgehog destroyed the entire universe that Max lived in, it is unlikely he found a way to escape his end, but the poster implies he escaped.


Nigel Kitching once said on the STC Yahoo mailing list that he thought Society Max and Blockhead Bill were in a homosexual partnership. However, this was never alluded to in-universe.