is a complete Amy Rose story that first appeared in Issue 68 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted in Issue 197.



It is nearly New Year's Eve and Knuckles the Echidna has invited Sonic the Hedgehog, Johnny Lightfoot and Amy to the Ice Cap Zone to unwind. Amy attempts to throw a snowball at Sonic but he is too fast and the projectile knocks over Johnny instead. She then tries to kiss him under the mistletoe, but Sonic escapes by organising a race with the others to the end of the Zone. Amy is miffed and Sonic's burst of speed has sent the mistletoe flying to a cliff edge. As Amy attempts to retrieve it, she accidentally presses a switch that opens a secret door. From this new entrance comes the Snownik, a dim Badnik created to destroy all enemies of Doctor Robotnik.

Amy believes that she should be pretty safe against the slow robot, but changes her mind when she narrowly avoids the Badnik's ice blasts. She rushes for her crossbow, but another blast of ice encases it in an ice cube. Her last plan is to run away, but another cliff puts an end to that. However, it gives her an idea; Amy insults the Snownik, tricking it into using its ice blasts to speed across the snow. It is going so fast that it misses a dodging Amy and falls off the cliff, breaking to bits.

Sonic and the others rush back at the sound of the explosion and Amy feigns panic. However, upon Sonic's arrival, Amy pulls out her mistletoe and pecks her hero on the cheek.


  • This story is Elitta Fell's first and last strip doing something other than lettering. It is also the only case in the print comic of a letterer not lettering.


The previous Amy Rose story was In Good Hands. The next is Out for a Spin.

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