Amy gets into Skog's head.

Small Talk is a complete story starring Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary. The adventure took part during the Eternity Ring story arc.



Amy and Tekno continue their journey through time and space, with Tekno looking forward to walking on solid ground again. Unfortunately for her, the duo end up materialising in mid-air! Amy manages to catch a ledge as she falls and is happy to know that Tekno can fly to safety. However, she has been caught in some kind of web and things get worse when the massive spider that made it comes to claim lunch. From her vantage point, Amy uses her crossbow to slice up the web, allowing Tekno to swing to safety. As the girls land on another platform, they find themselves surrounded by an enormous computer and books, making them realise they're in a world of giants. Soon, mean-spirited Agent Skog walks in and speaks into a radio, informing 'control' that he is about to download secret weapon files that will give his government the capability to wipe out the "peace-loving nation" he is currently in.

Amy realises that this man is a spy that could start a war, so Tekno concocts a catapult out of a telephone and an elastic band that sends Amy flying towards Skog. As Amy hits home, Skog believes that something has stung him and the villain gets increasingly more distressed as Amy begins to mess with his collar. Tekno gets to work deleting the files, leaping on each key to input commands, but is soon distracted when the spider returns to face its adverdary. Amy calls out in worry, which leads Skog to think he is hearing voices. Amy uses this to her advantage and pretends to be Skog's conscience and informs him to stop all his plans. The terrified Skog flees immediately, willing to take up a safer activity like stamp collecting. With the mission successful, the heroes begin to disappear - just in time for Tekno, who's currently tied up by the spider and ready for lunch! As they travel to their next destination, Tekno hopes it doesn't have a web site!


  • Amy states that there's "only one way to get him quickly", which turns out to be the elastic band. Tekno could probably have got there just as fast by flying, although she may have been needed to delete the program.
  • Although it initially seems to just be a screensaver, the image of fish on the monitor actually appears to be the secret weapon files, as it starts to fade away due to Tekno's meddling.
  • Amy shouldn't have survived her fall from Skog as he ran away.


The previous Amy Rose story was New Year Out. The next is The Thirteenth Task.

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