The Slayers get ready to transform

The Slaycity Slayers are a team who take part in the Mutant League Football. Led by K.T. Slayer, they are probably the second best team in the league, behind the Midway Monsters.

The first time we see them play is in the story Bring Me The Head of Coach Brikka!. The Slayers are losing 419-386 before K.T. enacts his plan to steal the Monsters' coach's head. They are joined by members of several other football teams, eager to see the Monsters fail without their coach.

Later, the Slayers return in a play-off match for the chance to marry Brenda Brikka. The Slayers are all wearing battlesuits designed by Doctor Wizz, which all join together to form one massive player. The 'Stunticombinaconaformabot' is destroyed when the Razor Kid throws the football into the exhaust pipe.


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