Art by Yunelyon and Neil C. Tamstone

Skye Sparrow is a bird from the Silent Spire Zone.


One Hallowe'en Festival, Sparrow could be found waiting in the church grounds for her date, Birtle, to arrive. Not for the first time was Birtle late and Sparrow considered leaving shortly, "ordering pizza for one". However, her plans were altogether changed when she was abducted by a gargoyle and taken to the top of the eponymous "Silent Spire". It later transpired that she had been trapped inside a Badnik casing, but overrode the programming and tackled the gargoyle. She was overjoyed to find that Birtle was the organic battery in that machine and embraced her date.


Although Sparrow dresses in a sophisticated manner, complete with parasol, she actually appears to be quite down to earth. She exhibited significant strength and wit when faced with the Birtle Badnik, but still had a feminine side as she "glomped" Birtle upon his reappearance.


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