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Art by Richard Elson.

The Sky Pirates are a nefarious gang of criminals who fly across Mobius in pursuit of riches and infamy. Led by Captain Plunder, the crooks never associate themselves with either heroes or villains, merely interested in their goals.


Captain Plunder

Captain Plunder is one of the most notorious pirates in the whole world. Although this label isn't always the most complimentary, he has led his men into several victories and escaped from prison on at least one occasion. Foul-tempered and keen to always get his way, the captain has allied himself with Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna when it suited him, but has also turned his back on deals with these characters when things start going wrong. He is currently struck with an eternal curse of bad luck for breaking the seal on King Akotek's tomb.


Filch is Plunder's right hand man and also happens to be a ghost. Shot in the head for stealing Plunder's last biscuit, Filch has nevertheless stayed in Plunder's service, proving very useful as a poltergeist. Navigating walls that nobody else could get through, yet still able to manipulate objects, Filch is an indestructible force still very loyal to his murderer.

Simpson the Cat

Simpson the Cat is a black and white cat very much outside the realms of normality. The feline can bend reality in many mind-numbing ways, including using comic artwork to unlock doors and have his eyes pop out of his head. Simpson was chained up with Plunder when the pirate was in prison, but helped his fellow prisoner escape. Revealing the way out and dealing with the prison guard, Simpson has stayed with Plunder ever since. Simpson is also a rather good cook.


When Plunder first met Sonic, his crew was entirely made up of rats (except for Filch, a ghostly reptile, and himself). This crew remained the same when they went to steal the Chaos Emeralds. Their next appearance, raiding one of Robotnik's ships, showed that Plunder had replaced his rat crew with one which more closely resembled real pirates.

On their first excursion to the Floating Island, the crew were joined by The Per'fessor, a professor from the University of the Metropolis Zone. His ability to read ancient symbols proved very useful when looting the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis, but he has not been seen since.

When Plunder broke out in prison, with Simpson in tow, Filch convinced the captain to leave the rest of them behind (who had got themselves locked up for trying to rescue Plunder) and start a new crew. Returning to the Floating Island, he seemed to have assembled a team of wild dogs, tough pigs, a gopher and a rhinoceros. A later mission saw named henchmen such as Sidney and Mr Scratchings join the team, as well as Mr Fry for a short period.

The Sky Pirates made an appearance much later, with much of the old guard having left. Plunder attempted to drum up interest, as well as forcefully attacking people to join his crew. Zorabel had a solution, inviting herself and the Spice Maidens to join his crew. Zorabel and her daughters left when their mission had been a failure, but the rest of Plunder's crew found themselves out of work when their ship was destroyed by Captain Tiberius.

The Sky Pirates do still seem to be active however, if a statement from Filch in Sonic the Comic Online's In Cold Blood is anything to go by. Indeed, they returned after another recruitment drive, posing both as agents of Sonic and as exotic cruise operators. Unfortunately, their only new pirates were Cream the Rabbit and elderly couple Madge and Arthur. The new crew went on many missions, with Cream's presence temporarily removing Plunder's curse.