Sky Chase is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story that began in Issue 258 of Sonic the Comic Online. It is a continuation of the Mobius At War story arc.



Sonic is continuing his quest to destroy Doctor Ivo Robotnik's factories and has found another one in the middle of the Desolate Dust Zone. Inside the Badnik Processing Plant, the hero is causing carnage and escapes with some of Robotnik's secret plans. Later, Sonic is joined by Tails in his biplane as the pair fly into the clouds. Sonic comments that he plans to have destroyed the Badnik plant and a giant aircraft before lunch - just in time to see the Wing Fortress appear in view. Tails expertly pilots the plane out of the way of the ship's giant laser and Sonic takes the opportunity to use the Badniks as stepping stones to reach the Wing Fortress. Whilst Tails looks for somewhere to land, Sonic gets to work on destroying the Badniks on board before heading inside. There, he encounters a giant robot waiting to destroy him. Despite its heavy bulk and slow voice unit, the robot still packs a punch. Outside, Tails realises that there are no organic batteries inside the trashed Badniks and that they are old Badnik models. As he wonders if things are a bit too easy, Sonic defeats the robot with a Spin Attack and heads to the bridge to find Robotnik. However, it is only a puppet - the real Robotnik appears on a screen and tells Sonic (who is now trapped in the room) that the ship is about to crash into the Metropolis Zone with him on it.

Frustrated at Robotnik's taunting, Sonic attacks the screen, reducing Robotnik's image and voice to static. Tails then enters, having used the control panel outside to get in, and makes the same mistake as Sonic, momentarily thinking the dummy is the real Robotnik. Sonic fills Tails in on the situation and they make their way back to the Tornado, only to find an army of Badniks waiting for them. An army that wasn't there when Tails landed. Just as they wonder where the Badniks have come from, they find the source: A fully-functioning Star Post. As more Badniks arrive via the Post, Sonic gets an idea and orders Tails to leave in the Tornado before he begins racing around the Star Post. On the ground, Tails tries to evacuate the people of Metropolis Zone in an orderly manner as the Fortress makes its final approach. Suddenly, the Fortress appears to implode. Sonic's plan has worked and the entire Wing Fortress has been sucked into the Star Post, leaving the people safe and congratulating Tails (and naturally not even hearing his protests). After the celebrations are over, Tails overlooks the city and wonders where Sonic is, only to hear his friend behind him. Tails asks where the Wing Fortress ended up, and Sonic reveals that he crashed the ship into Robotnik's factory, leaving it completely unusable.


  • The font for the title is also inspired by the introduction text for each level in the game.
  • "Sky Chase" is Seumidh MacDonald's first story for STC-O. In turn, it is his first work with Pete Murphy.
  • This is the first Sonic the Comic story to explicitly name Tails' bi-plane as the Tornado.
  • The Metropolis Zone is shown to be situated by the sea. Its circular shape, complete with ports jutting out around its perimeter, resemble Castelia City from several Pokémon games.


  • The Wing Fortress last appeared in Issue 6, where it was used as a stepping stone towards the Death Egg.
  • The biplane returned to its familiar red and white colours, having been purple and yellow/gold since the end of the print run.
  • Sonic references his distaste for plans, recalling his "I plan to win" line in "Order & Chaos".
  • Sonic uses Badniks as stepping stones, much like he did in "Disaster!" to reach the Death Egg after leaping off of Knuckles the Echidna's back.
  • Clucker makes its first appearance since Issue 6.


  • Tails expresses concern that the Badniks used were "old models", giving reason to believe it may be a trap. This is ignoring the fact there have been very few new Badniks introduced since Robotnik's return, compared to the large number of old designs.


A large number of Badniks are seen in this story, both in the Desolate Dust Zone and on or around the Wing Fortress. These include:

There were also a couple of obscured Badniks, one of which may have been a Slicer.

Similarities to "Attack on the Death Egg"

The first part of "Sky Chase" holds many similarities to "Attack of the Death Egg" from Issue 6.

Both strips involve Tails flying Tails up to the Wing Fortress, with Tails not realising that this is their destination. Sonic leaps off to deal with the problem whilst Tails finds somewhere to land the biplane. After encountering a Clucker, Sonic heads inside to fight with the "boss", both times a metallic grey, slow, almost broken likeness of someone (the first occasion was Silver Sonic, a Sonic lookalike, whilst this story featured a Badnik loosely based on Robotnik). Sonic is trapped in a room at one point and a large vehicle begins a fast descent towards Mobius.

It was also suggested that Murphy's art was somewhat like Ferran Rodriguez's, the artist for the original story.


This story has received mostly positive feedback. Many commented that it felt like a "true" Sonic the Comic story.

On the other hand, several commenters pointed out the similarities between this story and "Attack on the Death Egg". MacDonald himself revealed that he realised too late, leaving his "face red". There was also unease about Tails calling prisoners "organic batteries", a term usually reserved for use by villains and Badniks. More than one person stated that the premise of a trap was obvious from the beginning.

Murphy's artwork was praised, particularly as an improvement on past strips.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog strip was The Tale of Cream the Rabbit, although the last one to truly feature him was Into the Brink. The next story is Libra, although The Christmas Shift is mistakenly listed as a "Sonic" story in the page header.

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