Skeletons in the Closet is a 3-part Knuckles the Echidna story which began in Issue 259 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Porker has uncovered something big in the Marble Garden Zone and Knuckles has gone to check it out, thinking an ultimate weapon as described in one of the ancient scrolls is there. Before he enters the ruins, he notices a single word carved into the rock above him: "Jump". Just as he begins to wonder about it, he only just avoids being impaled by an arrow shot from one of the nearby totem poles. He destroys the ancient trap and enters the ruin, soon after coming across another carved warning: "Duck". On cue, a battering ram swings towards him, but he dodges it and continues on, but fails to notice the next message: "Jump". Knuckles immediately stumbles into a pit, with spiked walls closing in on him.

Meanwhile outside, Porker is waiting for Knuckles to show up and starting to worry, but the Echidna bursts out of the ground, and they continue into the heart of the ruins together. While Porker marvels at the architecture and decides to check around, Knuckles is more concerned about a skeleton lying at the foot of another message. The one writing the messages has been revealed, but Knuckles is curious as to why they left warnings and what the last one, 'here lies the Gizoid', means. Knuckles doesn't know what a Gizoid is, but he immediately finds out. The Gizoid is an ancient robot, and it's grabbed Porker....

Knuckles tries to reason with the Gizoid, but it decides that he is the greater threat and prepares to attack. Just as Knuckles takes the fight outside, the Gizoid holds the guardian in place with an energy field and develops some knuckles of its own. It begins to attack Knuckles with his own techniques, having been programmed with the ability to mimic its opponents moves. The Gizoid reveals its purpose is to protect the Floating Island from hostiles. This includes pigs and echidnas, which prompts Knuckles to take the fight underground. Meanwhile, Porker is frantically searching the temple for information about the Gizoid, and is distressed when he finds a mural depicting the Gizoid coming into contact with Chaos. Knuckles and the Gizoid re-emerge in the trap-ridden gauntlet the echidna ran earlier. Now realising what the warnings are actually for, Knuckles steps aside as the Gizoid is hit by the battering ram and plunges into the spiked pit. He then returns to the temple only to find Porker in a panic. The robot may not be finished, and right on cue, it bursts out of the ground in a semi-liquid state, now emulating Chaos.

The readers discover that, following Sonic the Hedgehog's exit from the Great War, a prototype - later discovered to be this robot - was used to help seal Chaos away. Porker reveals to Knuckles what happened and, despite the fear effect, Knuckles ploughs into battle with the Gizoid. His foe remarks that Knuckles acts and looks like the "Gizoid", something Knuckles is offended by. However, it becomes clear that the "Gizoid" is actually the owner of the skeleton in the closet, the one who contained it before being dealt a mortal blow.

Knuckles uses this information to taunt the "Gizoid", stating he can seal him away again. The robot disbelieves this information and scans the echidna database, frying its circuits. Knuckles, previously disabled by his foe's gravity weapon, takes the opportunity to knock the robot's head off. Later, Knuckles buries his predecessor's body before vowing to leave more secrets as secrets.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was Vichama is Coming Home. This is the current story.

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