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Sister Haggra is a Drakon and the leader of the House of Magic.

In her first appearance, she was seen with Master Scholar and Emperor Ko-Dorr using the Vapours of Destiny to reveal who could bring the Chaos Emeralds to the Drakons. Not knowing the identity of Sonic, the figure within the mists, she pressed Scholar and Ko-Dorr for answers, but Scholar knew nothing of Sonic, and Ko-Dorr was forced to lie, saying the off-worlder he'd recently put on trial was taller and purple.

Later, Haggra began working closely with Master Scholar. Sonic visited the Drakon Empire seeking a means to stop the Syndicate destroying Mobius. Haggra, recognising the hedgehog as the one who led the battle driving the Drakons off Mobius, assumed he had come to lead them to the Chaos Emeralds as a prophecy foretold. When Sonic revealed why he had actually arrived, Haggra, under Scholar's orders, reluctantly supplied Sonic with the Chaos Tap, and was informed of Scholar's plan immediately after the hedgehog left.

What Haggra is currently up to is unknown.